One Page Digital Marketing Template

Does digital marketing seem too complicated for you?

Well, it doesn't have to be!

When you first dip your toes into the world of online marketing, you can start off by doing just the basic things required to get your business found online.

The first thing you need is, of course, a plan!

Through digital marketing, you will be taking your audience through four distinct stages:

  1. Reach - Build an awareness of your business among your target audience and attract visitors to your website.
  2. Act - Get your visitors to trust you and take action on your website. For example, getting them to sign up for a freebie on your site.
  3. Convert - Provide relevant content and enticing offers that will lead subscribers to purchase something.
  4. Engage - Engage customers and nurture the relationship so they'll visit your site again and continue buying.

So now, you need to figure out what your digital marketing goals are. What do you want to achieve through digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Goals

For example, your goal can be: Build a social media presence on Facebook

From the goal, you can derive your objectives. 

Digital Marketing Objectives

To build an active presence on Facebook, your objective could be: Get 100 fans on the Facebook page.

The next step is to identify strategies to reach those objectives. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

To get 100 fans on Facebook, you will have to share content that will engage with followers. You could also experiment with Facebook ads to get more fans.

Once you have your strategies in place, the last step is to specify concrete tactics you can use to achieve your digital marketing goal.

Digital Marketing Tactics

In the current example, tactics you can use are:

  • Optimize the existing Facebook page
  • Find content that resonates with your target audience that you can share on your Facebook page.
  • Check Facebook analytics to identify the best times to post on the page to get maximum reach.
  • Use Facebook ads to boost post read and get more page likes.

This is quite a streamlined process that you can follow to craft your own digital marketing strategy.

To help you replicate this process for your own website, we've created a One Page Digital Marketing Template that you can use.

It has one page filled up with examples to guide you. The second page is blank so you can use it to formulate your own digital marketing strategy.

Just click the button below to download your personal copy of the One Page Digital Marketing Template!