19 Latest and Updated Google Tools for Business Owners and Marketers

By Sunu Philip | Free Tools

Jul 24
19 Latest and Updated Google Tools for Business Owners and Marketers

Google, the search engine has literally taken over all the facets of our life. From finding the nearest bakery to understanding the technology that sends rockets to space, Google is an endless resource for users.

Especially for business owners and marketers, there is no dearth of Google tools that can take productivity and performance a cut above the usual.

The best part is that, most of these Google resources are free. All you need to have is a Google account and this whole world of great tools is accessible at will.

Here is an updated list of the latest Google tools that we have come to live with. Know them, try them and make them part of your everyday life to deliver a better, quicker and smarter web experience.

1. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is a splendid note taking tool that most people are unaware of or undermine its usability. Apart from quick and simple note taking in multiple formats including lists, para, to-do’s, etc. Google Keep also allows users to capture images and add notes to them for reference.

Users can also share notes with other users to collaborate over the cloud. Google Keep is also integrated with Google Docs helping users quickly convert their notes into Google docs without having to copy to retype the entire text. Users can also input text through voice and handwriting gestures.

2. Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Google Optimize allows business owners and marketers to Test, Adapt and Personalize their websites that best suits their customer experience. It simplifies the task of conducting testing and spotting areas for improvement in the website design or layout.

Detailed customer insights are provided by the tool to deliver the right kind of experience to the customer. The biggest draw of Google Optimize is that it is easy and effortless to install without any hassles.

3. Google PageSpeed

Google Page Speed

“How fast does my website load?” This is the primary question that Google PageSpeed helps answer. Speed is a critical factor for search engine friendliness and user-friendliness. Google PageSpeed helps to know whether your website has a loading speed that is at par with benchmark speed across all devices.

Further, it also helps you automate the tests to know how your website changes in speed performance each time there is a design or functional upgrade.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice transcribes all your phones calls into an easy-to-read text that can be accessed on an interface identical to the Gmail mailbox. It is a great tool for someone who has multiple phone lines but does not want to be messed with their management. It also helps keep the contacts hidden from access by others who might have the phone.

Google Voice works by assigning a separate Google Voice number to which calls are made for transcribing and forwarding. The only catch is that, presently it is currently available only in the US.

5. Google Suite

Google Suite

Google Suite consists of Google Docs, sheets, slides, drawings and many other utility tools. They double up as excellent alternatives for MS office suite utilities like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. All Google Suite tools are cloud-based.

You can work on them from any device and system. Also, there are extensive collaborative features like sharing, internal chat system alongside the docs and detailed revision history which makes it a perfect tool for content creation.

6. Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener

Long URLs are a menace to share across marketing emails and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google’s URL Shortener takes the pain out of that by shortening URLs programmatically.
The shortened URLs are public and can be accessed by anyone who has the link. The web tool also gives a list along with dates of previous URLs that were shortened by the user.

7. Test Your Site

Google Test My Site

With a lion share of online traffic originating from mobile devices, you need to know how fast your website is when accessed from a mobile device. Test Your Site helps you do just that.
The page has a URL field where you can enter your mobile website URL. TYS will give key metrics about your website performance like page loading speed and estimated visitor loss due to loading time.

8. Consumer Barometer

Google Barometer

Consumer Barometer from Google is an effective way to know how people all over the world are using the Internet. The tool provides customer analysis of trending data, audience stories and curated insights from across the Internet.

It helps business owners understand how customer preferences are evolving. For Digital Marketers, it gives ideas for better content creation.

9. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

If you are a business owner who often forgets to pay bills that fall on various due dates or a marketer who need to keep track of time-bound campaigns, Google Calendar is just the tool for it. Business owners can use it to invite vendors, customers or other users to Calendar events, set reminders for important dates, manage hourly appointments, etc.

For marketers, it helps track dates of ad campaign expiry dates, guest posting schedules, editorial calendars, online or offline appointments with clients, etc. You can also group the calendar events to various labels for quick access.

10. Google Design

Google Design

Google Design is the go-to destination to know the hip ’n’ happening stuff in UI/UX designing practices. The website showcases design inspirations from Google’s design team as well as from other corners of the web.

Also, there are callouts for award nominations and events that have design as the centrepiece of debate and discussion. Google Design will sharpen your understanding about customer behaviour and how to design experiences to maximize their engagement.

11. Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My Business can be rightly called your first step towards setting up an online presence. Businesses can enlist their Name, Address and Phone number (also known as NAP) to reach customers who reach for related goods and services in near vicinity.

Also, Google My Business also helps business to build their online reputation by building reviews and star ratings from customers. It also allows to list working hours, navigational directions, links to websites and social profiles directly on the search result page.

12. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage and file backup tool. 15 GB of free cloud storage comes with every Gmail account. Since it runs on the cloud, you can start working on your home computer and resume from where you left off at workplace computer.

Google Drive can also be accessed from mobile and tablet devices easily. Separate folders, sub-folders with varying permissions can also be created easily to backup and store files.

13. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Know every activity and pulse of your website with Google’s Analytics. Embed the Google Analytics code into your website’s code and you can know which part of the world your visitors are coming from, how much average time they spent, what kind of browsers they use, keywords and referral links that bring traffic and how much leads is generated on a regular basis.

14. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Online search brings about 80% organic traffic for businesses. Google AdWords Keyword Planner helps research and identify the keywords related to your product or business that users usually use as search phrases.

Creating content (text, video, display ads, etc.) or running adword campaigns with those keywords facilitate increasing traffic and also boosting conversions.

15. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools help identify errors or malware vulnerabilities that your website must be exposed to. It is primarily a web diagnosis tool that ensures that your website is running on top shape without issues that can affect user experience and traffic.

16. Google Shopping Insights

Google Shopping Insight

Know what US customers are buying or want to buy with featured listings from Google’s Shopping Insights. The insights are classified as featured stories, top products and trending products based on search frequency captured by Google.

17. Color Tool

Color Tool

If you are a marketer who wants to create a graphic that looks great with the right tone of color you saw somewhere else, Google’s color tool will help you pick that color code. Just search Color Tool and there will be a rich snippet from where you can pick the color you desire and its color code.

18. Firebase


Firebase is Google’s own mobile app development platform. Using Firebase, you can quickly develop mobile apps without any external support from mobile app development companies.

It has in-built infrastructure complete with messaging, Database, Analytics, crash reporting, etc. which makes it a top trusted platform for app development.

19. Display Benchmarks

Display Benchmarks

Display Benchmarks help identify how good your display adverts are faring in the Internet. The analytics of the display adverts are shown on the map with relevant statistics like CTR.

You can also narrow down results based on country or location using the Zoom level feature. Ad metrics can also be viewed based on formats. The tool also gives a progress of display adverts over a period of time.

Wrapping it up

These 19 tools make the lives of business owners and marketers as blissful as a breeze. From facilitating content creation to giving insights, they have power-packed features one cannot turn a blind eye towards.

Some of these tools might be already known to you. As for the others, NOW is the best time to start using them

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