Digital Marketing Roundup – December 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Dec 31

It’s the end of the year, and the entire world is looking forward to the new year with the renewed hopes of a fresh start and new beginnings. We have come up with an interesting bunch of digital marketing resources that would help you cinch the deal in your campaigns. These are absolute gems, and you would love to have them bookmarked!


Blog Articles


Avoiding False Conversions in Google Analytics – Moz

Avoiding false conversions in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a boon when you are tracking conversions, but when used incorrectly, they can be dangerous, even to the point of losing your leads. No matter how careful you, there still are different ways to make mistakes when you try to convert potential leads. Knowing these trap points can be really helpful in making a smooth and positive conversion. Here is an article on Moz that talks about making positive moves regarding the data that you recover from Google. Check it out!

Five Differences Between Branding and Direct Response Every Marketer Should Know – Marketing Profs

Branding and direct response marketing can be powerful methods to grow your customer base, but they must be used diligently to reap full rewards. The goals with branding and direct response marketing are most definitely brand awareness and more sales. To make the direct messaging part successful, there are a few key areas that you must be careful with. In Marketing Profs, you can read an article that deals exclusively with this topic, and the five differences between branding and direct response marketing that you should be aware of. Click on the link above to know more about this. 




Holiday Shopping Trends 2020 in E-commerce [Infographic] – Business 2 Community

holiday shopping trends

The Covid 19 pandemic certainly turned the world around in so many different ways. It’s brought major changes in the world of business, and while so businesses ceased to exist or struggled to stay alive, the e-commerce industry flourished. The holiday season certainly proved to be a major boon to online stores because many people preferred to shop online rather than from a physical store. So if you are looking to gain some insights on holiday shopping behavior, have a look at these interesting infographics on the Business 2 Community website. 

How to Name Your Business (infographic) – Digital Information World

Sitting down to think of an attractive name for your business can be a tedious task. It can take hours of hard work, and a truckload of creativity to come up with the right name. However, it would be greatly useful if you have help, so you know the different steps to take while thinking of a suitable name. At Digital Information World, there is an infographic that outlines 5 easy steps to thinking of a good name for your business. Have a look. 




Understanding Social Media – A Skeptic’s Guide – Meet Edgar

Understanding social media

Social media automation is a technique of optimizing social interactions using automated tools. When done properly, this can save a lot of time in maintaining and growing social media accounts. So if you have a lot of social media accounts, do not fret about managing them or publishing your posts. Here is a guide that would help you understand social media automation so you can get started easily. 

How To Use Data To Make Smarter Social Media Predictions – Sprout Social

The social media marketer’s task is by no means, simple. A marketer has to be attuned to everything that’s happening and analyze events intelligently. Of course, there is data to help them with it. But using the data efficiently is also a tricky thing because there are so many different ways in which you can use them optimally. So here is an interesting guide that would give you all the basics on social media marketing and how to make use of data optimally. 




13 “Experts” Seo Predictions For 2021 (And What We Got Wrong This Year) – Authority Hacker

SEO Predictions 2021

Interested in knowing about the SEO predictions for the year 2021? It would be interesting to know what the experts have to say about this. Based on the predictions featured at Authority Hacker, you can plan marketing campaigns for the next year. This is a podcast featuring 13 SEO experts and it’s truly a valuable resource. 

How to use surveys to get the data you need, when you need it – Everyone Hates Marketers

Surveys can help you gather a wealth of data for your marketing campaigns. But what about the myths and wrong beliefs surrounding market research? If there is an expert who can help dispel them all and steer marketers towards the right path, it would be greatly helpful. This podcast is hosted by such an expert – Morgan Molnar, the director of product marketing at Survey Monkey.







Chatbots in Marketing – The Future Is Now – Social Bakers

Chatbot marketing

Chatbots can improve customer experience and enhance brand engagement. This not only helps you build a deep rapport with your customers but through that, more sales. Chatbots are definitely the future in every marketing strategy because you get to provide what the customers need. Watch this webinar on Social Bakers explaining how you can make the best of chatbots. 

SEO Predictions for 2021 – SEMRush

With the raging Covid 19 pandemic, it would be interesting to see how SEO would look like in 2021. The pandemic has already drastically changed how people conduct businesses; some have flourished, while some have floundered. Some of the experts in the social media industry have gotten together to answer the questions that are upmost in people’s minds when it comes to planning marketing strategies. You can watch the webinar regarding this on SEMRush and gain some insights. 


Free Workbooks/Templates


Time-Saving Tips, Checklists, and Templates to Conquer Content Marketing Goals in 2021 – Content Marketing Institute

templates for content marketing goals

Setting new content marketing goals for 2021? Then you will definitely find this resource helpful since it contains tips, tricks, and checklists from the last couple of years. You can check out this resource at Content Marketing Institute by clicking on the link above, and chart your content marketing journey with renewed energy. 

15 Free Digital Marketing Tools For Your Small Business (Tried & Tested) – Lyfe Marketing

Small business owners would breathe a sigh of relief if they could get their hands on some real digital marketing tools that are absolutely free. You will find these tools ready for use on the Lyfe Marketing website. They are really good and you might have heard of a few as well, but some others are new and worth a try.

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