Digital Marketing Roundup – June 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Jun 30

Welcome! Another month has passed by, and we come armed with some of the best blogs, tips, and tricks for social media managers and digital marketing experts. From creating a great content marketing strategy to planning your business post COVID 19, there is a wealth of information that you can access through this roundup. Check each one of them, and take your business to the next level. 


Blog Articles



Create a Content Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps – Content Marketing Institute

Create a content marketing strategy

Every digital marketer dreams of having the perfect content marketing strategy to actively engage their audience. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult or unachievable task. You can easily create a strategy that will work solidly if you follow a certain plan. Here is an interesting blog from Content Marketing Institute, sharing a strategy in three simple steps. Follow the link above to know more.

How to Become a Social Media Manager? – Digital Vidya

Social media is so vast that the very idea of becoming a social media manager requires a lot of studying and preparation. If you are planning to change gears and try your stint at being a social media manager, then you need to be equipped for it and armed with the right knowledge that will make you successful. ‘How to Become a Social Media Manager’ is a good article by Digital Vidya, and it has loads of information that would help you. 





How to Offer More Value to Your Crisis-Stricken Customers – Marketing Profs

Ways to offer more value to customers

Post Covid-19, the focus will be on survival and the means to get back to some semblance of normalcy. So customers will look out for something really valuable before they spend money on it. Prior sales pitches may not do the trick anymore, because you need to create something they are more likely to respond to. In this infographic, the revenue performance consultancy LeadMD has come up with three key approaches that would be helpful in understanding this further. Check it out!

How Coronavirus Is Affecting the Digital Labour Market – Digital Information World

While the world has been combating the COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a loss of jobs all over the world. And since everything is done online these days, there has been a spike in digital marketing and related jobs. People have moved to working online, and since social distancing has to be continued for a long time, it still remains to be seen how many people would remain at the actual physical office post-crisis. Here is an interesting infographic on the effects of the virus on the digital job market. It’s worth a read. 





How to Convert Leads Using Instagram Stories – Social Media Examiner

Instagram stories to leads

The more leads you get, the better it would do to convert your leads. If you are looking out for tips on how to convert leads with the help of your Instagram stories, then this article would be greatly helpful. Get all the tips you need to reach out to your leads and convert them. 

How Did Fast-Growing Platforms Get Their Users? – Medium

Have you ever wondered how some of the most successful platforms in the digital world gets their leads? It would be interesting to note how they convert their visitors into customers and what tricks they use to achieve their desired growth rate. Visit Medium to read how one such interesting startup owner, Mayur Mundada identified the growth hacks used by successful consumers apps in his research. Perhaps, it would be something you can use too. 





The Importance of an SEO Audit with Brian Harnish – Search Engine Journal

Importance of an SEO Audit

SEO audits are important for your SEO strategy as it gives you an idea of the long-term success of your website’s performance. If you don’t do an audit, you could be missing out on some important search engine traffic and potential customers. In this podcast by Brian Harnish, you can catch some important tips on how to conduct a proper SEO audit. 

Now With More Flat Earthers! – Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee has featured an interesting podcast that aims to dispel marketing myths, and provides other fascinating information on social media fact-checking. Listen to the podcast, and collect some valuable information that would help with your marketing efforts. 





Brand Building and Social Communication in a Time of Crisis – Hootsuite

Brand building and social communication

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is this – “How do I build my brand or continue to market my brand during and after a crisis time like this?” Learn how you can build more value into your brand by watching this webinar featured on Hootsuite. You will collect valuable information on how to tweak your social media strategy and tactics, run exceptional social media ads, and position yourself in challenging times. 

How Competitive Intelligence Can Optimize Your Go-To-Market Strategy – Marketing Dive

Jordan Weiss and McKenzie Wright talk about creating a go-to marketing strategy and enhancing brand awareness using competitive intelligence in this webinar. Watching this webinar would give you a lot of ideas on how to create opportunities for growth through industry knowledge and competitive intelligence. Don’t pass up on this.


Free Workbooks/Templates


Social Media Content Calendar Templates – Hubspot

Social media calendar

There are so many benefits to having different platforms. But what kind of content to post on which platform can be pretty confusing. Hubspot has thought about this and created a social media content calendar to help you organize your social media activities in advance. Now, you can easily manage your social media activities through this calendar.

16 Instagram Templates for Business – Hubspot

Instagram is a very powerful platform to reach out to your customers. You can engage your customers in so many novel ways and grow your business successfully. Visit this link to download templates that would help you build a powerful and loyal customer base through Instagram. You can customize these templates based on your requirements and use them.

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