Digital Marketing Roundup – April 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Apr 30

Welcome to this month’s roundup for digital marketers and content strategists!

The world is going through a serious crisis. And this is one more reason why you should be updated on the latest trends, tips, and tricks of online marketing and keep yourself abreast of what’s happening in the field. Ready to gain this month’s insights into new methods of social media and digital marketing?


Blog Articles


Install Google Tag Manager And Optimize Your Site Results! – Lyfe Marketing

Install Google Tag Manager

Every marketer needs the best tools in the market to track their social media sites, applications, and websites to correctly measure the ROI. The Google tag management system helps you update tracking codes and embed code fragments on your websites and mobile applications easily. This, in turn, gives you better research on your customers. Lyfe Marketing gives you an interesting article on how to install Google Tag Manager and bring great results to marketing campaigns. 

Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing During the COVID Crisis – Business2Community

As the Covid-19 situation continues to overwhelm the world at large, the social media and digital marketing industry has to change its strategies to support businesses and their customers. So that means, whatever strategies you were planning for 2020 have to be reworked upon. Business2Community is a business community website that has come up with expert opinions on this topic. Follow the article Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Guide to gain valuable insights on this. 





Top Tips for Getting the Best out of Working with Slack (Infographic) – Digital Information World

Working with Slack tricks

The concept of remote working isn’t new at all. But now with the lockdown situation, more and more people have begun to work from their homes and this has led to an increase in the usage of communication tools like Google Chat, AIM, and so on. Over the last few years, Slack also joined the list, and quickly emerged as one of the best tools of communication. This article gives you in-depth detailing through an infographic on how to use Slack, and how to get the best out of this popular tool.

14 Visual Content Stats to Guide Your Marketing Strategy in 2020 – Social Media Today

Visual content is so very vital to your marketing strategy because if people are attracted to visual images first, they would most certainly be interested when you have images in the right places. However, it is also important that you base your marketing strategy on the basis of credible stats. Social Media Today has posted an interesting content based on the stats collected by the Venngage team. They have figures drawn up based on the inferences of experts, and you must check it out!





4 Steps to a Social Media Strategy During COVID-19 – AdRoll

Social Media Strategy Guide

Is it possible to continue with business as usual during these present times? Most definitely not. You will have to acknowledge your presence in your social media accounts and assure your customers using the right tone and message. You have to make changes in your marketing strategies to reflect your brand’s positivity. If you are looking to develop a custom strategy then you can go refer to this interesting guide by AdRoll and come out with a workable solution that would help you combat the crisis.

Announcing: The Keyword Research Master Guide [New for 2020] – Moz

With Covid-19, a lot of changes have been happening everywhere. You really need to revamp and rethink your digital marketing strategies, especially when it comes to technical SEO. But to what extent should you make changes? It could be a bit confusing if you don’t know where to start. Here is a new and interesting guide from Moz explaining everything about keyword research, including tips on using the right keywords and how to apply them. This is a good guide to bookmark and refer from time to time. 




Fast-Forward Your Marketing with Daniel Liebeskind – Marketing Speak

Fast-forward marketing

How about some game-changing SEO strategies to help you improve your marketing strategy? Listen to this revelational podcast by Daniel Liebeskind, Chief Product Officer at Everipedia, as he talks about content structure, content pruning, SEO techniques, gaining significant peaks in traffic, performing an SEO audit, tech audit and a lot more. 

Shift Your Marketing for the ‘New’ Normal – Duct Tape Marketing

What we’re collectively going through right now is definitely not normal. And when will the world ever come out of the crucial health situation it is presently under? How will you change your marketing to reach out to your customers in the present situation? If these are the questions that worry you, then it would be worth your while to listen to this interesting podcast by Mark Sanborn, president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc. and learn to do marketing in a different way. 




How To Grow A High Traffic Blog To 30,000 Users A Month In less than a Year – SEMRush

High-traffic blog

Getting the highest number of loyal followers is every blog owner’s dream. Here is an interesting webinar on how you can improve the number of users. The webinar from Digital Deepak will help you reach the maximum number of users within a period of one month and help you build a workable content strategy to fulfill your goals. 

Will Digital Marketing be the Answer in Post COVID-ERA? – Digital Vidya

With Covid 19 hitting almost every part of the world, it is only understandable that businesses are likely to be impacted. But how far will the impact be, and what can a digital marketing expert do to bring the whole thing around? In this interesting webinar, you will learn about the Covid 19 impact on businesses, the new trends that will emerge in marketing, the challenges, job opportunities, and how to use social media in times of social distancing. The speaker is Chandan Singh, a Digital Marketing Specialist and a Google-certified Expert. 


Free Workbooks/Templates


A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media – Workbook – Hubspot

Social Media Workbook

Refer to this workbook from Hubspot if you are planning to put together a good workable social media campaign as a beginner. It will teach you how to create a strategy based on your company’s buyer personas, develop KPIs and techniques to monitor your campaigns among a lot of other benefits. This would definitely improve your knowledge of social media and help you reach your goals. 

Free Digital Marketing Plan Template – Smart Insights

It is important to have a structured digital marketing plan to execute your campaigns successfully. If you are looking for an integrated digital marketing plan, this template would give you the structure and plan that you need. This template has been prepared by Dave Chaffey, the Content Director of Smart Insights. Check it out!

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