Digital Marketing Roundup – May 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

May 29

Welcome to this month’s roundup for digital marketers and content strategists!

This roundup is full of tips and insights on how you can deliver valuable content to help promote your business through various means. Harness the best that would work for you out of these, keep them handy, and build powerful campaigns. Good luck to you!


Blog Articles


How To Accurately Forecast Digital Marketing-Driven Growth – Socialnomics

Forecast digital marketing growth

If it’s online business-centric growth that’s in the cards for you, then you need to work a bit for that. You need to do a little bit of accurate forecasting to define opportunities and create business-centric marketing plans. This particular post on forecasting digital marketing growth would take you through several proven and useful ways to correctly forecast the growth of your business over time.

COVID-19 and Email Marketing: What to Do When Reopening Is on the Horizon – Marketing Profs

When the threat of contracting the coronavirus mitigates, life will slowly get back to. And that means being there when your customer or probable lead is looking for help. Marketers have begun planning to adjust their strategies and techniques to reach out. Email marketing is one arena they are going to explore and execute, so it is time to equip yourself with the best tips. Check out this article to know more.





A Quick Guide to Online Local Marketing for Small Businesses [Infographic] – Business2Community

Online local marketing for small businesses

Online marketing is one way to attract local traffic to your website. Business 2 Community has come up with an interesting infographic on how you can localize your business successfully, and how you can make it successful in the long run.

How to Sell on Facebook and Instagram – Social Media Today

To help e-commerce businesses sell their products from each platform, Facebook has an updated Shops features for both Instagram and Facebook. The updates have not yet rolled out because Facebook is still working on some last-minute details, but you can check out this infographic from Social Media Today to know how the updated Shops feature will be useful for you.





The Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis – Moz 

SEO competitor analysis

SEO competitor analysis gives you deep insights into your competitors, the keywords they use, and their effectiveness, coupled with credible information on what you are up against, and where your opportunities lie. This guide by Moz is a must-read if you are looking to gather some competitive intelligence to help grow your business. Visit the link above to know more and to create your own effective SEO strategy!!

How to Turn Followers Into Fans With Voice Messages on Instagram – Medium

With the voice messages feature, you have a whole new dimension of communicating with your users, but do you know the tricks of converting your followers into fans? Follow this interesting article by Rachael Kable to know the main parts of a voice message that sparks an interest in your target audience. 





Facebook Organic Reach: How to Develop an Engaged Following – Social Media Examiner

Facebook Organic Growth

If you are looking for an engaged Facebook fan following, then you need to be creative. The more exalted ideas you have, the more engaged and active they would be. Organic marketing is a creative way to induce a good Facebook fan following. Social Media Examiner has an interesting podcast on this topic by Fallon Zoe, an organic reach expert who specializes in Facebook, on their website. She runs a Facebook-focused membership community for female business owners called the Secret Mermaid.

Automating Your SEO Tasks with Hamlet Batista – Search Engine Journal 

Would you like to learn about how SEO and automating SEO tasks can be transformed with the help of deep learning? And, also some insights on Python, and how it can help SEO professionals in automating SEO tasks? Follow this podcast by Hamlet Batista to automate your SEO tasks and understand how Python can help you with the same. 




How to Build an Audience Driven Social Marketing Plan – Hootsuite

Social Media Marketing plan

Now that the world is moving on in spite of the COVID 19 crisis, it would be a good idea to combine social and performance marketing strategies and build a successful marketing plan to keep up with the times and to create a concrete ROI. Here is an interesting webinar on building an audience-driven social marketing plan by Hootsuite that would help you be at the top of the game.

Adapting Your Customer Experience Management Strategy – Marketing Dive

Customers demand personal, relevant, and timely experiences each time they interact with your brand. Customer experience management (CXM) can help you deliver amazing experiences in real-time, across multiple channels. However, many organizations are uncertain about how to make the necessary shifts in marketing strategy, structure, governance, and processes to optimize CXM.


Free Workbooks/Templates


Free Digital Marketing Benchmarking Templates – Smart Insights 

Digital Marketing Benchmark Template

How well are you doing with your digital marketing techniques? Can you rate it on a 5 point scale, and does the score satisfy you? Do you see any gaps that you need to fill? Do an audit of your marketing strategy, and download the template offered by Smart Insights to enhance your strategies.

15 Email Templates for Marketing and Sales – Hubspot 

Preparing the content for your email marketing campaigns can be a tedious task. And it would be a blessing in disguise when you have the content already prepared with just some minor changes required in it when you are ready to share. Hubspot knows just what you need, and has about 15 different templates for different marketing emails that you need to create. Check them out!

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