Digital Marketing Roundup – September 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Sep 30

Another beautiful month has flown by, and while the world is still recovering and reeling from the COVID 19 pandemic, innovations are being made in the field of digital marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. In this month’s roundup, we have compiled an interesting list of blogs, guides, webinars, and podcasts to take your digital marketing to the next level. 


Blog Articles


User-Generated Content: Let Your Fans Do Content Creation Work for You – Content Marketing Institute

User-generated content

The style of content marketing changes every year, and the importance of this kind of marketing never diminishes. Though the year 2020 has been pretty bleak for marketers and social media experts along with thousands of other people, the fact that all things must pass keeps the future looking good. To improve content marketing, you can involve your audience in the process. Would you like to know how to do it? Then check this interesting article by Content Marketing Institute on how to use user-generated content for content marketing.

Importance of Reputation Management for Retail and E-Commerce – Socialnomics

Reputation is an interesting factor in every business that you do. And when it has to with your online presence in retail and e-commerce, the whole thing goes to a different level altogether. Socialnomics has recently published an article on the importance of reputation management. It explains some interesting practices that would help you remove negative online presence. Follow the link above to read the article.




8 Killer SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic in 2020 – Social Media Today

SEO Techniques to double your search traffic

Keep yourself updated on the latest SEO techniques for increasing the traffic to your website. Social Media Today has compiled a collection of 8 killer techniques from an infographic by the Red Website Design Team. Following these techniques would definitely help boost your online presence several times fold. Check it out!

Where Do The Social Media Companies Stand In 2020 – Digital Information World

It would be interesting to note how social media has grown over the past few decades. The growth, the techniques, and the strategies have expanded the reach of social media several times fold. Here is an infographic detailing this aspect, with all the major players in the works. It makes an interesting read.




Social Connections Playbook – Hootsuite

Social Connections Playbook

You can use your social media connections to build your brand and business. But it is also important to know how to do it correctly because t is by using these connections that you are able to build effective social marketing strategies that would help you provide better service to your customers. Your customers are talking about what they need, but are you really able to hear? Check this interesting playbook by Hootsuite on how to build your social connections. 

How to Bring More Value to Your Email Marketing – Marketing Land

What is the success of your email outreach? Is it going well, as expected, or below expectations with lots of scope for improvement? If you’re struggling with it, you are not alone. Lots of people are looking to bring more value to their emails so people actually click on them and act. Marketing Land has compiled a handy guide for improving your email marketing skills by incorporating valuable content. 




How to Build Your Brand on YouTube – Social Media Examiner

All about YouTube branding

Branding can help you establish your identity and attract leads. But each social media channel has its own strategies and methods. In this inspirational podcast by Social Media Examiner, you will learn how to mark your online presence through YouTube. This podcast is by Salma Jafri, an expert in YouTube content branding. Follow this link to listen to the podcast. 

The LinkedIn Success Formula with Julie Mason – Marketing Speak

Julie Mason is a LinkedIn Sales Strategist, and the creator of Linked Sales Formula. She is also an expert on how LinkedIn can help you increase your connections, and how those connections would help you build your brand. She shares her experience of actual marketing and how you can use those experiences to build value. Listen to her strategies because she is considered one of the best 25 experts on LinkedIn. 




SEO 2020 and Beyond – Page Traffic

SEO 2020 and Beyond

The world is still in a confusion with the COVID 19 pandemic and its after-effects. But you need to rethink and re-strategize if you need to stay ahead of the game. There is a webinar by Navneet Kaushal on Page Traffic that you must listen to. It would help you implement better ways to perform your SEO and sharpen your skills. It’s a must-watch!

How To Survive and Thrive Transitioning To Remote Work – Exposure Ninja

With the pandemic, the shift to working from home has been quick. But there are problems even when you shift to remote working, and the teething problems will stop only when everyone involved is comfortable. Tim Cameron Kitchen talks about how you can do this successfully, transition well, and grow your business seamlessly. 


Free Workbooks/Templates


7 Steps to Scale Your Practice or Agency without adding overhead – Duct Tape Marketing

Influencer marketing

Influence marketing is really doing well at the moment, and will continue to do, but how do you leverage it to benefit your marketing? Convince and Convert has shared an interesting workbook on this and it has templates that you can use. Refer to the link above, and download the worksheet to spruce up your marketing skills.

How to Use Instagram for Business – Hubspot

Instagram is becoming an essential component in social media marketing. It can help you humanize your brand and create value. You can use Instagram for your business anytime, and once you are done with the formalities of creating an account, you can fly. But not without these interesting tips from Hubspot. Bookmark the page, and grow your brand. 

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