Digital Marketing Roundup – August 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Aug 31

As technology continues to change at a rapid pace, we have brought you a whole new collection of digital marketing news, tips and tricks. This is an interesting bunch of content for you to follow, starting from how to improve your search engine rankings to new trends in Facebook, having your own Wikipedia page and a lot more. You will love it!


Blog Articles


Did You Hear? Your Brand Needs a Voice Strategy – Content Marketing Institute

Voice strategy for brand

Customers and users love voice search interactions because they don’t have to go through the hassle of typing out text. Brands are identifying with this new trend and capitalizing it to deliver a stellar experience for users each time they interact with a brand. Content Marketing Institute has released an interesting blog regarding this, check it out!

Here’s What You Should Do When Your Search Rankings Drop – Neil Patel

SEO can be a tough thing if you don’t know the right places to tap. All’s rosy and fine when the rankings go up, but it doesn’t stay there for long. When rankings go down, panic begins, and you worry whether you are doing your job well. Where do you go for some fresh piece of good advice? Neil Patel has excellent information regarding boosting your SERP. The blog takes you through detailed step by step instruction on how to do that. 




Facebook Evolving Trends Research: Mindful Wellness – Social Media Today

Digital Media trends by Facebook

New digital media trends are developing amidst Covid 19 pandemic. Facebook has come with a set set of reports in the form of an infographic that helps you understand these trends better. The report has been collected after studying the responses from over 34,000 consumers. It is a very informative report that you must follow. Visit Social Media Today to know what it’s all about.

Which Companies Are the Most Innovative? – Digital Information World

The competition never lets up in the world of business. Those who innovate will be able to stay longer in the game when compared to businesses who remain stagnant. Earlier, businesses who remained at the very top, got to stay longer because they had something new to offer. But not anymore, unless they remain innovative. So which of the companies are the most innovative? Digital Information World has an interesting article based on this topic.




How to Create a Wikipedia Page (Step by Step) – Ahrefs

create a wikipedia page

How about having a Wikipedia page of your own? There are some technicalities involved in creating a Wikipedia page that not everyone would be able to do successfully. Ahrefs explores the possibilities of creating your own Wikipedia page with simple tips on how you can stay approved in the website for a long time.

How to Make a Scalable SMS Chatbot Using Twilio, Python, and Google Sheets (with Free Code) – Moz

With the Covid 19 pandemic, businesses are having it rough. They are also exploring new ways to stay afloat and remain popular among their users. SMS chatbots are a great solution to bring back the lost glory to your business. But what are the technicalities of doing that successfully? Moz has an incredible solution for building scalable SMS chatbots using Python, Twilio and Google Sheets. Visit the article to know more.




Everything You Didn’t Know Was Possible in Location-Based Marketing – Digital Marketer

All about location based marketing

Location-based marketing is getting incredibly trendy these days. Vice President of Marketing Dan Dillon and Marketing Manager Laura Conway of Reveal Mobile give you interesting tips on how to make it successful for your business, with useful tips on geotargeting, geo-conquesting, geo-fencing and data enrichment. It is a must-listen, because you definitely will learn a lot of new things.

Uncovering SEO Truth with A-B Testing – Target Internet

So, Google Search is changing, and how equipped are you to deal with it this year? Looking for a different perspective on updating your SEO strategy? Then this is an interesting podcast for you by Target Internet. Will Critchlow, Co-Founder and CEO of Distilled, an award-winning global marketing agency, explains all about SEO A/B Testing. He is the CEO of SearchPilot and now SEO Partner at Brainlabs. 




How to Create Your Buyer Persona – SEMRush

Creating Buyer Persona

Buyer personas play an important role in your inbound marketing strategies and can streamline the sales process. It is very important to improve customer experience and for that you need to build accurate buyer personas. It teaches you what they need. In this webinar hosted in SEMRush, Randy Milanovic will talk in detail about buyer personas and how building one would help your marketing and business. In it are encompassing personas, and you mustn’t miss it. 

Affiliate Marketing: Secret to Revive Lost Revenue – Digital Vidya

Affiliate Marketing is getting a boost now, and it can most certainly help revive your business if you are suffering a setback. It’s not a tough thing anymore. This webinar by Digital Vidya is definitely going to be helpful for freelancers, digital marketers and marketing agencies. 

What you will learn:

  • How to create sales funnels to promote your offers
  • How to hook your audience to pave the way for conversion
  • Optimize your social media profiles to drive traffic to your offer
  • Familiarizing with the ManyChat and ActiveCampaign automation tools


Free Workbooks/Templates


7 Steps to Scale Your Practice or Agency without adding overhead – Duct Tape Marketing

Steps To Scale You Agency/Practice

When your agency/company signs a new client, your business is growing. Scaling a business happens when you increase your output, generate more revenue with hard work and effort. Every company wants to scale, and is ready to do it. But what are the steps involved in it? In this free eBook at Duct Tape Marketing, you will get some interesting tips on how to do this successfully and with impressive positive results. 

Content Marketing Workbook – Hubspot

Hubspot has introduced a new content marketing workbook, covering the following points:

  • Importance of story-telling in content marketing
  • Generating content ideas
  • Planning a long-term strategy
  • Tips on promoting content
  • How repurposing can improve the value of content
  • Learn to create a topic cluster and pillar page

You will find this inspirational and interesting! Check it out!

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