Digital Marketing Roundup – November 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Nov 27
Digital marketing for business and career growth

Digital marketers and SEO specialists! Welcome to a new edition of the digital marketing Roundup!November has flown by, and we are entering the last month of the year. How quickly the year has flown by, and soon new tips and trends will be in place for next year. Meanwhile, here is an enticing collection of blogs, infographics, webinars, podcasts, guides, and templates to help you get started on your digital marketing campaigns.


Blog Articles


How to Do Inclusive Content That Helps Your Audience and Business – Content Marketing Institute

Inclusive content

Inclusive content is meant to resonate with your audience, both consciously and subconsciously, but that requires deep knowledge and thinking. The content must appeal to the target audience and still uphold the brand’s commitment to diversity. Inclusive content does help you stand out, but you need to put some extra thought into it. Check out this article on Content Marketing Institute as it covers interesting aspects of inclusive marketing. 

6 Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing – Moz

Make giant strides in connecting with your target audience through proper content marketing. When you establish your authority in your chosen field, authenticity comes in, and people will begin to trust you. Content is a powerful way to do that. Moz details 6 interesting ways in which you can build your brand authority and dispel the troubles you have in connecting with the right people. Check it out!





These Are 38 Best Search Engine Optimization Tools For 2021 (infographic) – Digital Information World 

SEO Tools

Looking to crack Google algorithms? Since they change continuously, it would be tough to keep track of what to do to keep your site high in the search rankings. Luckily, there are a huge bunch of SEO tools that would help you with the latest updates, and whether you are doing it correctly. Digital Information World has presented interesting research from Grazitti Interactive and their insights on the various SEO tools that matter through this infographic. It makes an interesting read, and definitely a valuable guide. 

Instagram in an Instant: Understanding the Social Network [Infographic] – MarketingProfs

If you have not been focusing on Instagram marketing till now, then you are in for a rude shock, because that’s one of the biggest marketing platforms with more than one billion users. However, you have to understand your brand’s needs deeply and then communicate with your audience through this platform. Marketing Profs has put together an interesting and insightful infographic from S9 that’s definitely going to take your marketing to a whole new level. 




How to Create Hyperlocal Ad Campaigns – Neil Patel

Hyperlocal ads

Hyperlocal marketing aims to connect with your local market. The idea is to make more people in your area come to your business and purchase from you. This can be done only when you place your ads at strategic points, but how exactly do you do that and increase brand awareness in your locality? There are some basic fundamentals that you need to crack before launching hyperlocal ad campaigns. Neil Patel has tapped the right node by focussing on hyperlocal marketing. Click on the link and familiarise yourself with the latest ad technique. 

What is Earned Media? 7 Ways to Get It – Ahrefs

Earned media is always so greatly appreciated because the publicity comes inorganically, not through any paid efforts. There are various forms of earned media and it can be a great way to promote your brand. Explore different ways of getting success through earned media from this article posted by Ahrefs. 




What Personal Video Can Do for Your Business – Duct Tape Marketing

Podcast on personal video

Times are changing and users adapt to change, and they demand new trends in marketing because they get easily bored with the old ones. People respond to videos more than text, whether it is on your website or as a testimonial. If you are still in text mode, then it’s time to shift your website and business to video mode. This podcast on Duct Tape Marketing by David Jay is a perfect resource to start learning the importance of personal video for your business. 

Local SEO & Google My Business with Amanda Jordan – Search Engine Journal

Google My Business has changed a lot over the past year. What are the changes that have been happening, and how’s it’s affecting your business? How do you locate the local happening keywords that promote your business? Who are the local competitors you should be aware of? What are the things you should be avoiding with local on-site SEO? These are some of the things that have been discussed in the podcast, Local SEO & Google My Business with speaker, Amanda Jordan. 





Digital Marketing For Business & Career Growth – Digital Vidya

This webinar on digital marketing hosted by Digital Vidya is just perfect for anyone interested in becoming a professional at digital marketing. You’ll get action-packed insights on how to become successful in digital marketing on Facebook, and learn to use Google Analytics by the end of this session. The speaker is Akash Kumar, who has 6+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Optimization.

Digital Marketing Essentials – Net Stripes

A lot of things have changed with the Covid 19 pandemic. Some businesses have emerged, while some others have become submerged. And those businesses that are existing will need to move with caution and precaution to reach out to their target segment. This is a webinar hosted by Net Stripes giving you valuable insights on the latest essentials of digital marketing. Dinesh De Silva is the speaker in the webinar, and it will definitely help you make innovative changes in your marketing campaigns.


Free Workbooks/Templates


Essential marketing models – Smart Insights

Marketing models

It could be a little frustrating when you have so many marketing models around, and you don’t know which would be perfect for your marketing strategy. This is an essential marketing model guide that addresses that problem and gives you valuable insights on how to use those marketing models. This guide would be the answer to creating your own strategies and making them successful. 

Introducing: The Digital Marketing Templates Library – Backlinko

Looking to breathe new life into your blog posts, content marketing, and SEO? You have the right answer here through the free Digital Marketing Templates library hosted by Backlinko. Make fresh changes to your marketing campaigns, and gain smart insights on planning them. There are five core categories within the templates depending on what kind of campaign you are planning. Check them out!

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