36 Highly Recommended Free Time Saving Tools for Online Marketers

By Sunu Philip | Free Tools

Apr 22
36 Highly Recommended Free Time Saving Tools for Online Marketers

When I started with my online marketing career, I was doing it all alone with the limited tools I knew. To make things easier, I kept trying out every new tool I came across. And now I am familiar with a bunch of tools which I have used at some point or other.

Some of them I use on a regular basis, where as some I just used a couple of times. You can start using these tools if you want to boost your internet marketing career growth.

Here goes the list of time saving tools that I personally use for my clients to get the best result in minimum time:

1. Buffer:


Buffer is a one click publishing tool for various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  I love this tool, as it allows me to consistently schedule multiple posts on different social media networks. This feature gives me the maximum traffic from all possible social contacts at the same time. This in turn increases the fan engagement to the maximum. Undoubtedly, Buffer is the best social media publishing tool.

Buffer comes for free for individuals.  You can use a business version with much more features at a starting price of $50.

2. Trello:


Trello is a project management tool that keeps all actions pertaining to a project in one space.  I can share all project related files and images to all team members on Trello. This tool allows me to split work into different list of tasks, and assigns them to different team members. The feasibility to reorganise the tasks, communicate with the team and track its progress comes easy with Trello tool.

3. Evernote:


Evernote is an organising tool for all sorts of documents of a project. Evernote helps to keep all of the small write ups, drafts, big references and handwritten contents in one place. This tool comes with strong search feature helping me to complete the work without missing even the miniscule detail. Above all, Evernote makes it easy to present meetings easier, as I can convert the documents into a presentation here itself.

Evernote is free and comes with advanced features at a price of $5 per month.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best place to store all your files online – be it photos, stories, designs, drawings, videos or anything. The Drive is instantly synched across different digital devices. One can access all these files from anywhere with the Google account, be it phone, tablet or pc. Moreover, sharing the files on the drive with anyone can be done by simple invites.

15GB storage space comes for free with Google Drive.  A premium version with 100 GB and 1 TB are available at a monthly price of $1.99 and $9.99 respectively.

5. Pocket


Pocket is a handy tool to save any file for a reference later.  You can save articles, videos or images or anything in to the Pocket tool right from the browser or apps like twitter where you viewed it. When saved in Pocket, you can access it in your phone, tablet or pc, even without any internet connectivity.

6.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool for AdWord publishers to learn the performance of different set of keywords. This free tool from Google lets you plan the search network campaigns efficiently, to drive the right set of people to your website.

7. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a keyword suggestion tool for Search Engine Optimisers. It gives you a set of most relevant related keywords for your base keyword. Ubersuggest suggests these keywords from existing search databases or search verticals. Once you have such a set of real user search queries you can optimise your internet marketing campaign better.

8. SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolbar is a browser extension to extract out the search engine friendliness of the competing sites. This powerful tool gives you insight to all aspects of a website like PageRank, Links to domain, Page Links, Directory Links, Social Media Links, Site Age,  Monthly Unique visitors and site worth in one place. In the advanced options you can actually go into the details of each aspect. It is the best tool to analyse the competitor’s grip on search engines and ultimately, improve your site’s marketing strategy to outperform them.

9. Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics is a strong tool to extract the social media engagements of your website. This tool helps you to identify people who shared your contents the most (or in a word your great influencers). You can also use this tool to analyse your competitors’ social media strengths. This is the perfect tool to sharpen your social media skills to boost your website growth instantly.

10. Feedly


Feedly is the best tool that puts all that you read regularly in one place – be it blogs, newspapers or magazines. Feedly relives you from the effort of opening up one website after another. Feedly shows up feeds of all that matters you in one window making your life easy.

11. Followerwonk


Followerwonk is a twitter analysis tool to enhance your social growth. This tool tells you who are your followers and more of their tweeting characteristics. You can analyse their preferences and optimise your social content to boost your social media footprints. You can instantly get to know about the influencers in your niche and create engaging materials for them.

12. Bitly


Bitly is a URL shortening service tool. By shortening the URL, sharing it on social media becomes easy and thus can attract more visitors. Bitly makes sharing your link to already connected people through sms and email further easy. Bitly also provides analysis tools on link manipulations.

13. Piwik


Piwik is a website analysis tool to give a deep insight on the website performance. Piwik gives detailed analysis report on where the viewers are coming from, and how often do they visit.  This tool helps you to optimise your strategies in online marketing by giving details on which are the most popular pages and which of the marketing campaign are most successful.

Piwik offers professional analysis tool Piwik PRO Cloud starting from $129.

14. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analysis tool to track your visitors, who is referring them, what they are looking for and how to keep them coming back. By using Google Analytics you will get the exact nature of your audience and hence improve your strategy further to keep them engaged. This detailed analysis tool backed by the Google itself, is a must in tool for any internet marketer.

15. Pingdom


Pingdom is a website monitoring tool to know about your website’s performance. This smart tool updates you the moment when your site is down. By using Pingdom, you will not lose another single customer due to a broken link. Pingdom alerts you on the cause of an outage and gives you insight on how to fix it as well.

Pingdom is a free tool. Further features come with at a starting price of $13.70 per month.

16. Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

Hubspots Marketing Grader

Marketing Grader is powerful tool for any internet marketer to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. You will get detailed results of evaluation on how engaging is your blog, how powerful your social media activities are and effectiveness of all SEO work you have done so far.

Deeper insight is also provided on lead generation and mobile marketing. This tool rates you alongside your toughest competitors thus giving a good idea on what is your strength and which are the places that need to improve for better visibility.

17. Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed tools provides with all the tweaks and tricks to optimize the performance of your website to increase the loading speed. It gives you valuable details on how to improve your site functionality so that the pages get loaded faster. Fast and optimised pages translate to better reader engagement, retentions and conversions.

18. OpenLinkProfiler


OpenLinkProfiler is a back link analysis tool. This free tool gives you the exhaustive list of back links for your site. It also gives in depth information about quality of each of these back links like anchor text, link context and quality of referring site. Open Link Profiler is a must in tool for all link building campaigns for internet marketers.

19. Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator

Blog Topic Generator is a free tool that comes up with good number of possible topics in your niche. Just enter the most relevant keywords for your blog and get the topic ideas. Coming up with the next eye popping blog content is not a tricky affair anymore!

20. On-page Optimization Tool

On page Optimization Tool

On-page Optimization Tool gives an extensive analysis on your existing On-Page SEO techniques. This free tool scans the web page like a search spider to extract the SEO relevant information like metadata, keyword density, keyword optimisation used, number of links, header information, and source code. This tool allows you to improvise your existing On-Page SEO tactics to attract better visibility in search results.

21. Readability Test Tool

Readability Test Tool

Readability Test Tool helps you to analyse the readability of the content of your site. The readability grade gives you clear idea if your audience can understand the content you have provided. Indeed, this is a great tool that can save a good amount of your time in proof reading your web content!

22. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

Keyword tool is a keyword suggestion tool that uses Google Autocomplete feature. It gives around 750 topic suggestion for your keyword. This tool gives the exact keywords that your potential reader is searching for. And that makes it easy to come up with the perfect content for your audience every time, thus boosting your popularity.

23. SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb gives you exhaustive insights on your website. This essentially includes the number of audience, their background, geography and average turn around time. Further details on referring sites, keyword traffic, social traffic, targeted Ad traffic and competing sites is also provided. To make better engaging content, SimilarWeb also helps you with information on audience preferences and their mobile app data.

A paid version of SimilarWeb with added features is available at a starting price of $199 per month.

24. SavePublishing


SavePublishing a quick browser extension tool that gives you easy tweetable content. While you are surfing, activate the tool and tweet interesting content then and there as and when you read them. Yes it is that simple!

25. Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

Down For Everyone O Just Me

Down For Everyone Or Just Me is a tool to know if your site is really down for the whole world or just you. This tool can save a lot of your time by giving you where the problem is and fix it so that the site is up for you as well.

26. Wordle

WordleWordle is quick tool to generate word cloud for your website. A word cloud features the most prominent keywords used in your site. You can play with the fonts, change colour and layout of clouds to make it blend with your website.

27. HipChat


HipChat is a one stop chat tool to do all communications with all different gang of people in your life that matters. This is an ideal business communication tool, as it offers sharing screen and video calling under strict security umbrella. HipChat is a great tool for internet marketers as you can put all communications for a project in one space. This tool is cross platform compatible and gives you the space freedom, as you can work from anywhere.

Basic version of HipChat is free and a paid version with advanced features is available at a price of $2 per month.

28. Process Street

Process Street

Process Street is an interactive checklist creation tool. This eases the effort to manage your team’s recurring checklist and iterating procedures. Process Street acts as a work bench that allows you to add all tasks and the resources required to complete each task. You can save a lot of time by automating your tasks on the way to completion.

29. Canva


Canva is graphic designing tool that is easy to use. This tool gives ready made graphic prototypes that can be customised for your different internet marketing campaigns. Be it a social media image or a facebook cover change-everything is easy in Canva!

30. Wufoo


Wufoo is an online form designer tool to create contact forms and share them with people. For any online marketer, Wufoo provides the best support tool to do online survey and data collection. The best part is that it gives real time results the way you want.

Wufoo is a free form builder tool and premium versions start at a price of $14.95 per month.

31. Asana

Asana Asana is a project management tool that gives a single workbench for all project related activities and communications. With Asana, you can create a task, assign it to a team mate and follow all his communications right in one place. Save a lot of time by getting out of email and using it to do the work.

Asana is a free tool and comes with more features at a starting price of $21 per month.

32. Assistant.to


Assistant.to is an add-on feature for Gmail to schedule your meetings smart way. It is like having a personal assistant who is looking into your calendar and fixing meetings, all within one mail.

33. RuzzIt


Ruzzit is the smartest tool to fetch the most shared content on the social media. All relevant viral content- be it a video, article or image- will be displayed to you. You can definitely take inspiration from those and make a better viral content for your website.

34. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is a photo editing tool for your graphic needs. You can edit, touch up, design and collage images according to your marketing preferences.  Comes with numerous tutorials explaining you how to go about your particular graphic need.

35. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a tool to make amazing presentations with least effort. Haiku Deck comes loaded with high quality images and all different sorts of fonts to give you the best presentation experience. With Haiku Deck, making presentations is simple, beautiful and fun all at the same time.

36. Meme Generator

Meme Generator

It is of no doubt that Memes are one such thing that grabs attention of everyone very fast. Meme Generator is a free tool to create Memes to boost your internet marketing results. This tool comes loaded with a good set of Meme characters and images that you can start working on straight away.

These are the tools that is a must in for any internet marketer! Start using them and save a lot of your time to do better things in life.

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