8 Awesome Podcasts You Must Listen to Improve Your Content Marketing Skills

By Sunu Philip | Content Marketing

Mar 01
Content Marketing Skills

Imagine this. Every single day you could be spending 15 to 20 minutes commuting. What is the best way to spend this time usefully so that your content marketing skills become better than what they already are?

Tune into a podcast, experts say. A podcast is basically an Internet-based non-live radio that you can tune into anytime, from anywhere, and literally for free.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there that will help you discover a wealth of information on diverse topics. Since content marketing is our favorite, we scoured the podcast world to find some podcast gems that will bring out the best of you as a content marketer.

Each one of these is worth every second you spend listening. So, without much ado let’s get into what these podcasts, who creates them and their highlight episodes.

1. The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience

I love Gary for too many reasons. His books Crushing It and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook are excellent reads that will motivate the content marketer in you. As the name says, it is quite an experience listening to Gary’s podcasts. Mainly because of his merciless way of pointing out the most common mistakes marketers and ordinary individuals commit in their professional lives.

Gary’s podcasts inspire all age groups – from eleven-year-old kids to marketers holding eleven years of professional experience. Although he has interviewed and created podcasts with an endless list of top-performers and celebrities, including Jessica Alba, Tony Robbins and the like, my all time favorite is the podcast with author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss where the duo shares wisdom about scaling a new found business, hip-hop culture and tidbits of marketing.

2. PNR with This Old Marketing

PNR with This Old Marketing

This podcast from the founder of Content Marketing Institute – Joe Pulizzi, is a brain refresh for marketers. It gives updates about the latest happening and trending topics in content marketing. Joe makes the podcasts hard-to-pause by citing great examples, most of them from the past, handpicked from the archives of the Content Marketing Institute.

There are also one-minute ‘Rants and Raves’ where Joe rants about anything and everything about the content marketing landscape. The highlight of the podcast is that you can ask Joe and Robert (the co-host) to answer your questions. Ask your question on Twitter with the #ThisOldMarketing hashtag or shoot an email to thisOldMarketing[at]ContentInstitute.com.

3. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show is hosted by three great guys namely, Chase, Corbett and Barret. The trio calls The Fizzle Show a podcast for business builders. The podcast has been drawing listeners from all walks of the entrepreneurial circle owing to its wisdom drawn from experience and presented with humor.

For a content marketer, the top pick from their archives would be the 27 Ways to Stumble on Unbeatable Content Ideas podcast. It will help you kick that creative bottleneck or writer’s block out of the ground.

4. Content Warfare

Content Warfare Podcast

Ryan Handley helps marketers win their battle of building audiences with his podcasts. Content warfare discusses at length why marketers should invest in creating long-term results and ditch the quick fixes for instant results. The USP about Ryan’s podcasts is that he relies on creating value from within the business.

He delves deep into latest content marketing tactics, principles of content marketing and SEO techniques and much more that will arm content marketers for maximum results.

5. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Content marketers and personal finance are two unrelated topics. Pat Flynn – the founder of this podcast is on a mission to enlighten everyone, including content marketers about passive income and how to create a passive income model from scratch using online businesses.

All his podcasts deal with the what, why and how of building an online business, running it efficiently and creating a regular passive income out of it. Pat has a growing community of 150,000+ podcast listeners that includes business owners, students as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

6. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

As quirky as the name of the podcast can be, the podcasts from Duct Tape marketing are equally enriched in marketing wisdom. The podcasts are presented by not one, but multiple guests from diverse backgrounds.

Listening to podcasts like, How to create influence with your writing will not only make you a better content marketer, but also a well-rounded person with more values. The podcasts go beyond giving marketing knowledge, but also help cultivate a growth mindset that’s essential for all marketers.

7. Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM

Every content marketer knows the importance of great content and persuasive copywriting. Copyblogger FM, hosted by writer and marketer Sonia Simone, is a thought-provoking series of podcasts that cover a tip-to-toe analysis of the gone week in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, marketing mindset, conversion rate optimization among many others.

Her 10 Quality Factors Search Engines Need To See on Your Site is a must-read if you want your awesome content to see the light in search results. Sonia also voices her thoughts on developing gratitude and tips for finding great content ideas through her weekly podcasts.

8. Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy

The online marketing made easy podcast series by Amy Porterfield is just the marketing inspiration that you would ever need. The podcasts cover everything from expert interviews to mini marketing strategies to achieve your short-term goals.

The podcast will simplify the various sophisticated marketing strategies and also help tackle the many challenges that a marketer would have to face, like handling marketing criticism on a day-to-day basis. If you are new to content creation, Amy also charts out a 6 pillar content creation process that helps her churn out fetching content pieces.

It’s Not A Wrap

There are still many podcasts that I would love to feature here. In fact, there is at least one new great podcast that I find daily that opens up a treasure trove of marketing knowledge and perspectives.

These can be rightly called the top-ranking of them all. Tune into these podcasts and bring out your inner marketer who can make a business go from bust to boom.

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