50+ Twitter Tools to Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

By Sunu Philip | Social Media

Sep 14

Twitter is a fascinating social media channel, and the number of opportunities it delivers to businesses is all encompassing. Twitter has tools for absolutely everything — building relationship with clients, research, tracking followers, efficiency, and so on.

Here are some Twitter tools to amplify that would help you in your business. Of course, this doesn’t cover all of them, but a handful of good ones for you to start with.

Twitter Profile Management

1. Buffer


Buffer is a tweet scheduling tool for your daily broadcasts. Buffer analytics gives a better understanding of the likeness of your Twitter followers as well.

  • Manage multiple profiles
  • Free for individual usage
  • Apps and extensions to easily add content to Buffer

2. Hootsuite


HootSuite is an all in one social media management tool and the Twitter management features are outstanding. The dashboard allows you to keep track of all your published tweets, scheduled tweets and mentions at a glance.

  • Free version for less than 5 social profiles
  • Professional version for unlimited social profiles
  • Extended analytics comes at a price of 5.99 USD per month.



TweetDeck is a desktop twitter management tool to organise your Twitter activities. With Deck.ly service, tweet longer messages by creating a shortened URL that directs followers to the rest of the tweet beyond 140 characters.

  • Real time tracking of multiple streams
  • Customize timeline to track lists, topics, events and hashtags
  • Allow multiple users to manage a single Twitter account

4. Socialoomph


Socialoomph allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords and extend your Twitter profile in the free version. Premium version comes with features such as Facebook scheduling, tweet via email, get others’ updates via email, manage DM spam and much more at a price of 29.97 USD. Plus, automate welcome DM for new follower at an additional 3.97 USD.

  • View mentions and retweets
  • Track specific keywords
  • Save and reuse drafts of tweets

5. Commun.it


Commun.it is the prodigious relationship manager in Twitter. Through this tool, you get only the messages and tweets that really matter. It does all the filtering, leaving you with only those people who would facilitate the growth of your community.

  • Grow any number of followers
  • Manage multiple profiles
  • More than one million users
  • Concentrate on your influencers and customers

Growing Your Twitter Profile

6. TweetFavy


Small business and social media managers can automate their search marketing with the help of TweetFavy, a web application from Twitter. This app is perfect for people who want to grow their business marketing from scratch.

  • Increase your Twitter following
  • Monitors your keywords and automatically favorites them
  • A good percentage of people will follow you back

7. TribeBoost


It is reputed to be the first company that endeavored to grow Twitter audience as a service. The tool monitors people who talk about your brand, tweets about them, and categorizes them based on their preferences and location.

  • TribeBoost then follows such audience for you
  • Monitoring is done 24/7 and in real time
  • Perfect boost to your social media marketing

8. ManageFlitter


ManageFlitter is a Twitter user management tool. You can classify the users into last tweet, location, follower count, language and whether they follow back or not.

9. Twellow


Twello is an ingenious technique through which you can grow the number of followers by the hundreds. The tool helps you search through people by their business or geographical locations. The tool also helps you in narrowing your search and broadening your capacity, so you get more people relevant to your business.

  • Several options to enhance your profile
  • Easy sign up process
  • Quick search features

10. Social Quant

Social Quant

The main attraction of the tool is that it studies the behavioral analytics of your target segment based on the keywords they type and their profile.

  • Increases your Twitter following
  • Improved algorithms to check for followers and users who type your keywords
  • Promises 100% satisfaction guarantee

11. TargetGrow


TargetGrow, formerly known as TargetPattern, delivers real and organic promising Twitter followers. If you sign up with them they will send you the list of people whose tweets you can favorite.

  • Intuitive system
  • Great interface
  • Watch the growth of your ROI through smart targeting

12. Twiends


This is for businesses that are looking to boost their fan following quickly. This tool helps you to connect with people through Instagram and Twitter, on the basis of country and preferences. However, it does not automatically add followers to your network.

  • Access to daily stats that would show progress of followers
  • The tool performs the task of moderation for your community
  • Block fake users

13. Tweepi


Tweepi is an easy Twitter user management tool that flushes out all inactive or non followers in single click.

14. Crowdfire


An effective tool that would help you follow users and even unfollow them if they seem oblivious to your marketing endeavors. You can manage both Twitter and Instagram accounts effectively.

  • Showcases one of the most efficient ways to manage your account
  • Monitors the response of your social media updates
  • Weigh and monitor the relationship between two Twitter or Instagram accounts

15. Ladderr


An intelligent social media management tool that monitors your followers in real time. It aids in audience management and sends in weekly reports of the same. The tool can handle multiple accounts at the same time.

What to Share on Twitter

16. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a tool to find out the most influencing content in Twitter for your keywords. You can retrieve the freshest content, get similar topic ideas and find out how it is so popular.

17. Paper.li


The tool lets you create and manage your own personalized online newspaper where you can publish and share content from various social media.

  • The tool helps you find good content that is worth sharing
  • This would be delivered daily
  • Published on your website and other social media channels

18. Triberr


Tribber is a tool that helps you be a part of a like-minded bloggers community (using invitations). Once inducted into one, plug in your RSS feeds and the rest of the tribe can tweet your posts. Vice versa, retweet posts from members manually or automatically.



Topsy is a social media search engine that gives the most recent social updates and tweets on your keyword. It gives more insights on keyword volume, sentiment score and other analytics as well.

20. Nuzzle


Nuzzel is a tool to find out what your friends and friends’ friends are reading. Needless to say, this will give you leads to your next step.

21. Swayy


If you are looking to give personalized content for your followers, then you can do it with Swayy. This tool is a pretty good content curation site.

  • The content would be based on the interests and reaction of the readers
  • Can share only the best content

22. News.me


New.me is like having a news organization within social media. The ‘news organization’ consists of a group of people based at New York who also build applications and promote it, while a daily briefing would be delivered to your inbox.

23. Trends 24

Trends 24

Trends24 gives the detailed breakdown of the trending topics in each hour of the last 24 hours in different countries. This is highly helpful for geography based Twitter campaigns.

24. The-Latest.com


Brands and businesses can gain optimum publicity and exposure if they make use of The Latest Twitter tool. This is almost like a citizen journalism news portal where you get to publish any content — be it entertainment, news, music, politics, general news or topical subjects.

  • News reports would be published on the Latest.com website
  • Publish music and audio as well

25. Twitcam


Now Twitter users can easily stream live video content with its own unique URL.

  • Complete access once the streaming is complete
  • Integrated with chat feature
  • Created by Livestream

26. Twtpoll


Just as the name suggests, Twtpoll conducts surveys for all your business needs. Your viewers can also participate in these surveys and make use of the quiz feature, based on which you can make complex business decisions.

  • Possibility of more than 20 different types of questions
  • Powerful opinion stage

27. Twipho


Twipho is an incredible tool that acts as a Twitter photo search engine. You can upload a series of photos and let your people know about your products and services. Incorporate keywords and location, so your audience can easily find you. The photos can be shared from twitpic.com, img.ly and yfrog.com, and embedded into your tweets.

28. Sonar Solo

Sonar Solo

SonarSolo is a search tool to find out related content, trends and top Twitterers on a particular keyword, in a visual friendly way.

Twitter Analytics

29. Followerwonk


You can keep track of your followers and know how much time they spend in action at Twitter through the Followerwonk tool. This would help you schedule your tweets accordingly.

  • You will get a detailed review of your Tweets analytics
  • Get to know more people who are related to your niche
  • Let the world know of your growth

30. Riffle


Riffle is a browser plugin tool that gives data visualizations for any Twitter user. Get enlightened with detailed data on statistics, popular hashtags, most shared links and connected profiles.

31. Twitonomy


Twitonomy gives you detailed analysis on various Twitter users, their tweets and engagements.

32. SumAll


SumAll provides daily or weekly email reports for Twitter stats covering your tweets, growth of your followers, your mentions and your engagement.

33. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter lets you manage the stats of multiple twitter accounts in one go.

34. SocialRank


SocialRank is your Twitter fan management tool that gives you the sorted list of best followers, most influential followers and most engaged followers.

35. SocialBro


SocialBro acts as the most comprehensive tool for social media managers. The tool is integrated with a number of interesting features, and would let you do almost anything you want with your Twitter account.

  • Can build ultra-segmented audiences
  • Gauge audience impact
  • Can do follow-up campaigns as well

36. Keyhole


A real-time hashtag tracker for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, meant specifically for campaigns and topics. This is an easy and affordable software.

  • Measure social campaigns
  • Indentify customers
  • Share reports

37. Mention


Mention keeps track of all the keywords that you mentioned in tweets, analyses them, and displays them via email or on the dashboard.

38. ThinkUp


ThinkUp is the ideal tool for building your brand. Some people do it for fun as well. The daily insights are published on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

39. TweetReach


If you want to know about the Twitter activity of your account, then get hold of TweetReach as it provides powerful analysis of the same. Users can enjoy complete professional service at $99 per month.

  • Real time monitoring of tweets
  • Not even a single tweet would be missed
  • Free reports
  • Ideal for recording your Twitter campaigns

40. Twitanlyzer


Twitalyzer is an all-in-one web-based tool that gives you complete access to customer-related metrics. With this complete application, you can check the impact, influence, velocity, cloud and demographic results based on the preferences selected. Additionally, there is bit.ly integration so you can check the number of clicks your tweet has received from various Twitter accounts.

  • An aggregated overview of the impact
  • No need to have an account to access
  • 50-page handbook for guidance

41. Fruji


A professional third-party tool, but very powerful in analyzing influential and powerful followers in your account. It also studies the effect of your account on others.

  • Analyses who is following you and sends accurate reports of the same
  • Identify the most popular followers
  • Keeps close tabs on your growth
  • Demographic information about followers


42. Twtrland


Twtrland is known as Klear and it helps you do smart marketing. It would collect deep insights on the influencers, and based on this information, you can decide whether a particular influencer would be right for you or not.

  • Free-to-use platform
  • Intuitive interface
  • Save your information in private lists

43. Twilert


Twilert gives you an email notification whenever the keywords you’re tracking are mentioned on Twitter.

44. Hashtagify


Hashtagify.me is a hashtag analytics tool to know related tags, usage patterns, recent conversations and heavy influencers.

45. Rite Tag

Rite Tag

Using Rite Tag tool ensures that the hashtag that you entered is good, great or overly used — gives you its popularity and reach in social media. The coloured analytics recommends the best alternative hashtag at a glance.

46. Tweriod


Tweroid gives you the best time to tweet by analysing your previous tweets and your followers’ tweets which results in maximum engagement.

47. Tweet4me


As the name suggests, Tweet4me takes a direct message from you to schedule the tweet as you mentioned.

48. GroupTweet


GroupTweet allows to share one Twitter account for a group of people, without any password sharing. To know who tweeted what, the tool can also append usernames at the end of each tweet.

49. Bio is Changed

Bio is Changed

Bio is Changed, as the name suggests, alerts you if somebody changes their Twitter bio. Highly useful if you are tracking others’ job moves or bios in general.

50. The one million tweet map

The one million tweet map

An intelligent social media tool that would give you the latest search trends in one big map. Helps you find tweets in a map. When new tweets are recorded, the old ones are removed from the map.

  • Consists of aggregated Twitter data
  • Run searches based on a certain requirement or hashtag
  • New tweets are added every second
  • Free tool

51. TweetChat


TweetChat allows you to login to a specific hashtag discussion room that collects tweets on hashtag and automatically add the same hashtag to your reply tweets.

52. Tweetwally


Tweetwally is a powerful tool that displays only the tweets you are interested in. In order to track such tweets, the tool uses keywords, hashtags and usernames. The search parameters can be customized and displayed in different formats.

  • No registration required
  • Ideally used during events and conferences
  • Helps in building relationships with various prospects

As you can see, there’s no limit to the amount of tools you can use to maximize your Twitter marketing efforts. We hope you are able to find a couple of tools that you can connect with your Twitter account right away.

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