20 Websites to Visit if You Want to Be a Better Content Marketer

By Sunu Philip | Content Marketing

May 26
20 Websites to Visit if You Want to Be a Better Content Marketer

A genuine content marketer is an influencer, and his/her content pieces are authentic. With experience, veteran content marketers can generate waves, and with bolder, braver content marketing, they can start a trend.

Here are some websites you must visit if you intend to become a successful content marketer. They will teach you a thing or two about content marketing!

1. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute, or CMI for short, is a leading content marketing and training website. It provides online training sessions on how to create compelling content.

The blog is regularly maintained and you can read inspiring articles on various aspects of content marketing and innovative strategies. The website, blog and training classes are headed by Joe Pulizzi, a legend in the field of content marketing.

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2. Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs

More than 600,000 leading marketing professionals rely on the articles, videos and podcasts by Marketing Profs to learn about the best practices of creating content. This site keeps you updated on the latest trends in social media, email marketing and digital marketing strategies. With training from Marketing Pros tucked under your belt, your sure to remain ahead of the curve.

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3. HubSpot


HubSpot was launched with the simple mission of helping businesses adapt to people’s needs in shopping, working and buying. The owners Dharmesh Shah and Brian Hlligan aimed to improve inbound experiences that are relevant to changing marketing conditions.

Hubspot offers numerous resources on how to make your presence felt and known when people really need it. You can learn new marketing strategies that would be more in tune with today’s changing times where the customer is in control.

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4. Buffer


Buffer has proved to be a reliable platform for social media marketing and their blog is no different. They consistently share the latest trends and techniques on social media marketing that prove to be quite beneficial.

The detailed articles and case studies shared on the Buffer blog give ample information you can implement to grow your social media reach, increase follower engagement and get more website visitors.

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5. Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert claims to be a digital marketing advisor that conducts in depth audits and strategic planning to get you the best of social media marketing and content management.

They provide advice and counsel on how to create effective marketing strategies, and make use of the latest in metrics and content tracking. Jay Baer, a digital marketing expert and best selling author, founded Convince and Convert in 2008.

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6. Copyblogger


CopyBlogger, founded in 2006, has been consistently advising its clients on how to create killer content. Content is the only long-lasting element that attracts attention and drives traffic. If you are looking to build your business with amazing, audience-focused content, learn how to do it at CopyBlogger.

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7. Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas

The website, run by Jeff Bullas, is the perfect example of how good content is accepted by people. His blogs reach more than 4 million people a year. A huge change, considering the humble beginnings he started from.

When Jeff Bullas launched his blog in 2009, he was under $50,000 in debt. Eventually, he learned to overcome obstacles and researched the art and science of reaching the maximum number of people by optimizing search results.

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8. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner must be a very familiar name to you if you have anything to do with content. This is the one stop solution for those who want to know how to use social media to its best capacity and increase traffic. The website already has 450,000 (and counting) subscribers.

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9. Marketing Experiments

Marketing Experiments

Learn some of the most important lessons in content marketing by visiting the Marketing Experiments website. The company is also credited with being the first Internet based research company that conducted experiments on marketing and sales processes. The blog is a reflection of all their research and is regularly updated.

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10. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is an interesting name for a company that teaches you to generate good content for marketing. John Jantsch, an expert marketing consultant himself, founded the company. Duct Tape Marketing considers itself an institute where training is given to small businesses through regular blogs.

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11. QuickSprout


Neil Patel is a familiar name for everyone who has heard about blog and content, and for several years now, he has been providing excellent guidance on how to market with content. With Neil Patel by your side, you cannot go wrong.

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12. TopRank Blog

TopRank Blog

TopRank Blog is a website that teaches you how to publish good, readable content on your website. With the plethora of content that is being published each minute, readers are having a tough time choosing what to read.

TopRank Blog guides you on how you can make your readers sit up and notice your blogs. Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis, both experts in influencer marketing, customer engagement and media marketing, founded the blog.

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13. Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa

Marketing Sherpa is a research firm that tracks all the latest happenings in the world of marketing and publishes the same on their blog. You can bookmark their page to know about the latest trends in content marketing.

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14. eMarketer


eMarketer is an old name in the world of marketing. It was started way back in 1996 when they realized the importance of a digital era and began to leverage the trend. Now you can seek their help in analyzing data trends and perspectives.

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15. The Content Strategist

The Content Strategist

The Content Strategist is the content-rich blog of Contently, which is really more that a content or marketing company. They feature articles and case studies on content marketing, with focus on brand building, media marketing, social marketing and increasing ROI.

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16. The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog

Ever since The Moz Blog saw the light of day in 2004, they’ve been on an epic ride, playing a strategic role in supporting content marketers in all their efforts. The blog offers expert advice, latest research, detailed tutorials and insightful articles to help marketers improve their SEO and online marketing skills.

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17. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is not just a blog, but a marketing force to be reckoned with. The site is frequently updated with quality articles, infographics and guides on online marketing, conversion optimization, customer acquisition and analytics.

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18. Relevance


With objective measurement, Relevance would be able to guide you along the right path. The publication features contributors with decades of experience who offer unique insights and practical wisdom on how to effectively manage, promote and distribute content online.

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19. Kapost


Kapost has an entire library of marketing resources that would help you generate good content and track its performance. If you want good content on your blog, you listen to Kapost.

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20. Marketing Insider

Marketing Insider

As the name suggests, you are going to get inside information on marketing your content and how to connect with your audience. The CEO and Founder of the company is Michael Brenner. With their actionable insights, you can deliver a fool-proof marketing strategy.

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Content marketing has literally changed the face of digital marketing over the past few years and it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest marketing news and strategies. Browsing the websites suggested in this article is a surefire way to garner a few new tips and techniques that you can implement in your content marketing strategy.

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