Digital Marketing Roundup – March 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Mar 27
Digtial Marketing Roundup March

Welcome to this month’s roundup for digital marketers and content strategists!

This month we have explored some interesting ways in which you can engage your customers and create strategies that would really bring in much-awaited results! Check out our articles, infographics, webinars and a whole lot of new information in one single page. 


Blog Articles


Google’s Knowledge Graph Explained: How It Influences SEO – Ahrefs

Google's Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph is a service by Google that allows the search engine to enhance its results by gathering information from a variety of services. But how exactly does it work? And what are the downsides? Ahrefs explores the possibilities of the Knowledge Graph in this interesting blog post.

A Beginner’s Guide to Ranking in Google Maps – Moz

Google is still the most commonly used method for local businesses to get their business online. Google Maps is an interesting outlet that really puts you online. If you are looking to catch some local searches, then Moz comes to the rescue through this interesting and very easy-to-understand blog post. Click on the link, and learn how to use Google Maps in local marketing. 





The Latest Tech That Can Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder As You Work Remotely – Digital Information World

Tech to work smarter

Now that most people are working remotely and from their homes, having access to technologies that would help you work smartly would really be beneficial. This calls for new kinds of collaboration, new levels of communication and honesty. With better technologies in the market, the number of people working remotely has really increased. Check out this infographic by Digital Information World that really explains this factor. 

B2B Senior Marketer Survey: The Most Effective Approaches for 2020 – Marketing Profs

What are the most effective ways to direct people through the buying funnel? Emails, content marketing through blog posts and articles, and social media channels like LinkedIn and Facebook are all effective ways through which you can do this. An infographic published in Marketing Profs explains this in a really interesting manner. Follow the link to understand this better. 




How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest or Giveaway – Social Media Examiner

Run a successful Instagram contest

Have you ever tried running contests through Instagram? It is a beautiful and effective way to attract leads, especially when you do it correctly. There are some rules and best practices that would make your Instagram contests successful. Social Media Examiner has explained this in a very simple and interesting manner. 

How Can Big Data Help You Increase Conversions? – Socialnomics

A number of factors are involved in the success of your digital marketing plan. Using these factors intelligently can really make a difference and Big Data is one such factor. Visit the link above to follow the article by Socialnomics to know how Big Data can help with increasing your conversion rate. 




Timeless Habits for Cultivating Success – Duct Tape Marketing

Habits for cultivating success

Stephen M. R. Covey, speaker, author, and Global Practice Leader at the Global Speed of Trust Practice talks about how you can be successful in marketing. Watch the podcast by clicking on the link above, and learn how to relate to people and his insights on watching people. 

Remote Working & Quora PPC with JD Prater – Edge of the Web Radio

More and more people have started working remotely, and this leads to questions on how digital marketing can be done through computers and video conferencing. Edge of the Web Radio has come up with an interesting podcast by JD Prater, an evangelist who shares exciting tips and insights on working remotely and staying motivated at the same time. 




SEO 2020 and Beyond – Page Traffic

SEO 2020 and Beyond

Looking for SEO strategies and tactics that would help you dominate SERPs and earn a chunk of revenue in 2020? Here is an interesting SEO Audit Checklist that would help you optimize your SEO efforts in a more successful manner. Click on the link, bookmark the page and it will help you out.

Content ROI – How to Measure, Prove and Optimise the Value of Your Content – Hubspot

Every successful inbound marketing campaign has a clever content marketing strategy behind it. But knowing what kind of content to create is definitely a tricky scenario indeed. Hubspot has released an interesting webinar on how content can be used successfully to create your strategy, and how to measure ROI. Watching this webinar would tell you what works and what doesn’t in content marketing strategy. 


Free Workbooks/Templates


Content Marketing Checklist – 25 Things that You Really Should Try in 2020 – SEMRush

content marketing checklist

The first quarter of the year is almost behind us. And maybe it’s time to do something about your content marketing strategy, and tweak it a bit to bring in more clients and more leads. SEMRush has come up with an interesting content marketing checklist that would help you create some of the best strategies that would improve your content marketing skills. Have a look at the checklist they have created for this purpose. 

BrightEdge eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Content Funnel Mapping – Bright Edge

Customers always remember the way they are treated when they make a purchase, and this encourages companies to deliver the best customer experience. But how do you know what exactly the customer is thinking, and how they would respond when you put forth a new idea or even how they are responding to an age-old idea. Here is an interesting ebook on content funnel mapping by BrightEdge that you must try out. 

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