Digital Marketing Roundup – June 2018

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Jun 28
Digital Marketing

Welcome to this month’s digital marketing roundup!

In this article, we’re featuring a compilation of resources on Lead Generation Strategies, Content Marketing KPIs, Social Media Image Size, Branding and Google’s Local Ad Guide.


Blog Articles


SEO Copywriting: 7 Steps to Make Sure Your Content Ranks in Google – Ahrefs

SEO Copywriting: 7 Steps to Make Sure Your Content Ranks in Google

Writing content for your blog is what will help you gain readers and clients for your business. SEO copywriting is the art of writing content by pairing SEO and copywriting techniques that appeals to both search engines and visitors which ranks high in Google. This article by Joshua Hardwick discusses the methods they followed at Ahrefs to grow their blog visits from ~12K to ~190K monthly visits.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website with These 10 Lead Generation Strategies – QuickSprout

Many marketers encounter problems when focusing on getting higher conversion rates. Most of them increase their spending on advertisement as a strategy but it is not enough to convert the traffic; people must find your website first.

Wouldn’t it be good if one could increase leads and website traffic at once? In this article Neil Patel has narrowed down 10 lead generation strategies to get more web traffic focusing on lead generation.

10 Content Marketing Trends That Will Affect Your SEO Strategy – CognitiveSEO

As the content marketing industry evolves, the patterns that show up blend with different appearances of advertising. SEO is a critical resource and feature of the marketing domain. This article by Andreea Sauciuc talks about the idea of searching the trends in content marketing which influence SEO to comprehend what’s in store, and how to put ourselves on the wave and not against it.




How Color and Typography Influence Consumers [Animated Infographic]Marketing Profs

How Color and Typography Influence Consumers [Animated Infographic]

The main factors that people notice in an advertisement are color and typography, and these two elements can set the tone for your whole brand.

This animated infographic by MDG Advertising investigates how buyers see a brand in view of its color and typography, and also how advertisers can create the best design decisions for their brands.

Social Media Image Sizes 2018 [Infographic] Smart Insights

Social media is a competitive network and there’s tons of data on there that users get exposed to, regularly. So, if you want to pull in new customers and give out an effective initial introduction of your brand, you have to utilize these channels to its full potential, without leaving any stones unturned.

This infographic created by Postcron lists out the social media channels and the different image size that best fits each platform. Even within those channels, there are diverse picture sizes suited for various highlights, for example, inclusion standards, headers, profile photographs and so on. Moreover, these picture sizes keep changing every now and then, contingent upon the auxiliary changes inside those platforms. So, there’s a considerable measure to stay aware of, there!




Your Guide to Picking the Right Content Marketing KPIs [EBOOK] – Search Engine Journal

Your Guide to Picking the Right Content Marketing KPIs [EBOOK]

In hope of attracting, engaging and converting more customers in the digital world, most business are investing in content creation. However, creating loads of content and publishing them in every channel available will not help you to reach the pinnacle of content marketing success.

This guide from Search Engine Journal, in partnership with SEMrush, covers the KPIs you should use to set content marketing goals and measure your content marketing campaign’s performance.

The Ultimate Guide to Google’s Local Service Ads – WordStream

If you are a local service provider then Google’s Local Service Ads will help searchers find your business in the area that you serve. This guide by Mark Irvine will help you learn about Google’s local search ads, its benefits, how to get started with Google’s local search ads, managing your leads and budget, and finally about ad rankings and reviews about your service.




The Importance of Conversion Optimization & Split Testing w/Chris Dayley –Edge on the Web

The Importance of Conversion Optimization & Split Testing wChris Dayley

The podcast with Chris Dayley, focuses on the importance of conversion optimization and split testing.

The highlights of the topic covered here are:

  • How do you know what to test?
  • Where to start with split testing?
  • What tools should you use for split testing?
  • The biggest mistakes people make in optimization
  • Are image carousels bad for conversions?

How to Rank Higher on Google (Without Doing SEO) – Marketing School

In this podcast, the hosts Eric Siu and Neil Patel discuss how you can get your site to rank higher on Google without actively relying on search engine optimization. The key, they say, is to optimize user experience instead.




Advanced AdWords Strategies to Personalize Experiences and Drive Revenue Search Engine Land

Advanced AdWords Strategies to Personalize Experiences and Drive Revenue

Paid search is severely focused. Everyone is utilizing similar strategies to drive conversions. How do you separate your AdWords campaigns from your rivals’ to gain more clients at a lower CPL?

There are new data-driven strategies you can use to focus on the right audience with the right AdWords campaign at the right time and give consumers a pertinent, frictionless ordeal — whether they convert on the web or via telephone.

The webinar by paid search experts from Elite SEM and DialogTech answers this with new methodologies you can use to beat the competition and convert more clients from AdWords.

How SEO works on an enterprise level – SEMRush

When it comes to how SEO works on enterprise level, it’s less about the size of the company and more about the number of pages, especially products or services.

The webinar panelists who are experienced in handling large e-commerce accounts, discuss how tactics, process and metrics are different from local or SMB SEO. They also include tips on how to work with or for an enterprise client.


Free Workbooks/Templates


17 Social Media Design Templates For Every Network – Hootsuite

17 Social Media Design Templates For Every Network

Adobe Spark has become a helpful, modern tool to create fresh, visual designs that’ll boost social media engagement. Shannon Tien, the Inbound Marketing Specialist at Hootsuite, has published a free collection of Adobe Spark design templates that you can easily customize for your social media channels.

24 Questions to Ask Before You Re-Brand {Free Branding Workbook} – Jane McKay Communications

At the core of every business marketing strategy is branding. It is the first impression, the core message, the values, the purpose, the mission and the vision. In essence, it is the heart of your business – why your business works the way it does. This workbook offers twenty-four key questions you should ask yourself before you re-brand your business.

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