Digital Marketing Roundup – February 2020

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Feb 28

Welcome to this month’s roundup!

New tips in social media and digital marketing, strategies and tools are always welcome! In this article, you will learn about using Messaging as an important business tool, how to make data-driven decisions, what video can do to improve your SEO, how to leverage Pinterest in your SEO marketing strategy, and a lot more.

Read on, and bookmark them because they are worth it!


Blog Articles


Pay Attention to These SEO Trends in 2020 and Beyond – Moz

Advanced SEO for 2020

It is always important to know which way the SEO trends are going to shape up, and when the new year nears its first quarter, these trends become definitive and more precise. In the article, you can check out the latest trends in SEO and how it can help in your marketing campaigns. It talks about voice search, visual image search and how Google Discover analytics work. Bookmark the page, and refer to it from time to time.

12 SEO Best Practices That Everyone Should Follow – Ahrefs

There is a plethora of information out there on the best SEO practices. But many of them are outdated, and several are not even best practices. So how do you get the best out of them all? A good place to start would be from creating pages that load faster and positioning your keywords. But that’s not all. Read the article to know more.





Facebook’s Internal Data Shows the Rise of Messaging as a Business Tool – Digital Information World 

Rise of messaging as a business tool

Messaging has emerged to be one of the primary tools of communication between businesses and buyers. Facebook has data that says that 100 billion messages are passed through Facebook’s products each day, and this includes WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. Here is an interesting infographic that tells us how Messaging has risen to the top as a messaging tool. It contains information worth saving for the future.

Five Psychological Threats to Businesses (And How to Handle Them) – Marketing Profs

How mentally healthy are your employees? Have you ever wondered whether they could be at psychological risks to themselves, or to their family? And this affects the work they do at your office, right? Should such topics be discussed openly? Check this and more at this revealing new article at Marketing Profs. 




How to Analyse Your Facebook Ad Results: 7 Metrics to Track – Social Media Examiner

Analyse Facebook ad results

Are your Facebook ads working according to plan? Do you know what the important metrics are for Facebook ads? Social Media Examiner has an interesting article on metrics that would help you track and analyse your Facebook ads. Visit the article on the above link, and apply the metrics to check how your ads are gaining traction.

The Dos and Don’ts of Branding in 2020 – Socialnomics

The year 2020 would be the best time to refresh and refine your branding. But do you know what’s at stake for brands? From writing great content to using enticing social media strategy there are a lot to improvise. The ideas may seem simple to you, but it is the execution that matters! Check this article to know more.




The Changing Landscape of Google’s SERPs with Peter Leshaw – Search Engine Journal

Changing landscape of Google's SERP

Things are always happening with SERPs. Google is always at work trying to tweak the algorithms. So how can you improve your SEO and align it along with the latest keyword rankings in Google? Listen to this podcast by Peter Leshaw and see how SERP is changing?

Making Data-Driven Decisions in SEO with Bastian Grimm – Marketing Speak

Here is a wonderful episode on how data helps your SEO efforts, were it is headed and how you can use tools and techniques to improve your marketing. The podcast by Bastian Grimm, CEO and Co-founder of Germany-based agency, Peak Ace is definitely going to make a difference in your social marketing skills.




Leveraging video to help support your SEO strategies – Bright Edge

Video in SEO strategies

Do you use videos in your SEO strategy? If not, then you must start doing so because that can generate quick results. It is also a powerful way to communicate with your potential customers. This webinar on Bright Edge runs you through the basics on how to use video in your SEO campaigns. 

Perfecting Your Pinterest – SEMRush

Pinterest can provide value to your SEO marketing strategy. But you need to use it right, and you will start getting a lot of free traffic to your website. Here is a webinar by Alisa Meredith that will clear all your doubts on how well you can use Pinterest to leverage the potential of digital marketing. Listen to it. 


Free Workbooks/Templates


Make My Persona – Hubspot

What is buyer persona

A buyer persona is not just a description of your buyer, it is the complete profile of your buyer, his likes, dislikes, demographics, behaviour patterns, motivation, goals and so on. Creating a killer buyer persona is a lot more tricker than you think. Hubspot comes up some interesting tips on how to create a great persona. Check it out!

The All-in-One Social Media Strategy Workbook – Hootsuite

Follow this workbook on Hootsuite to build a winning social media strategy:

  • Four points you need to remember while planning a social media strategy
  • Comparing the different social media networks 
  • Identifying the rewarding practices entailing popular social networks

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