Digital Marketing Roundup – November 2018

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Nov 29
Digital Marketing Roundup – November 2018

Welcome to this month’s digital marketing roundup!

In this article, we’re highlighting a compilation of resources on various SEO strategies, digital marketing tools, site migration best practices, nurturing customer loyalty and building a content dashboard.


Blog Articles


Recovering SEO Traffic and Rankings After a Website Redesign

Recovering SEO Traffic and Rankings After a Website Redesign – Search Engine Land

Every once in a while, websites need to get a makeover. This is essential because the website needs to reflect changing technologies, UI innovations and smarter designs that appeal to site visitors. However, a website redesign often results in a drop in traffic and SEO rankings due to redirects, missing pages and technical issues. This article outlines 5 steps to get your SEO back on track after a major website redesign.

How to Create a Search-Optimized Video Content Strategy – Maximize Social Business

With the advent of smartphones and faster internet connections, video has gained a prime spot in digital marketing strategies worldwide. However, it is required that the video content is also search optimized so it shows up on search results and brings in more views. In this article, Ann Smarty showcases the ideal video content optimization strategy with real examples.




How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns [Infographic] – MarketingProfs

Effectively reaching the target audience with a digital marketing campaign is both an art and a science. With trial and error, it is possible to find out what works for a particular audience segment. But in order to understand why it works, we must rely on psychology. This infographic deftly portrays the nine tricks of psychology that you can use for effective campaigns that increase conversion rates.

Infographic: A Digital Marketing Tools Cheat Sheet – Healthcare Communication

There’s no end to the number of digital marketing tools available on the world wide web. In this infographic, you get the lowdown on 100 free tools that you can rely on to do your own marketing. The tools are categorized based on function, so it’s easy to find just what you’re looking for.




WooCommerce SEO Made Simple – A Step-by-Step Guide to Ranking #1 in Google – WPBeginner

WooCommerce SEO Made Simple

WooCommerce is one of the more prominent eCommerce plugins that can be used to run an online store. Through this guide, beginners will learn how to setup the SEO details with respect to the WordPress plugin in order to get a better WooCommerce SEO ranking and therefore, more traffic to the online store.

The SEO’s Guide to Google’s Disavow Links Tool  – Hubspot

Google uses the quality of backlinks to a particular page to determine its authenticity and trustworthiness. A large number of backlinks from low authority sites may lead to your website getting penalized, which will tank your SEO ranking. You can use Google’s Disavow Links Tool to renounce such links and this elaborate guide from Hubspot shows you exactly how to do it.




The Future of SEO is on the SERP – Site Visibility

The Future of SEO is on the SERP

This podcast features the keynote speech by Rand Fishkin in the BrightonSEO conference that was held back in September. The co-founder of Moz explains Google’s shift with respect to SEO over the past few years and shares his top tips on how marketers can effectively adapt to these changes.

The Future of Digital Marketing – CMS Connected

In this podcast, Gabriella Pirrone and Laura Myers delve into the top three technology trends that will likely dominate the digital marketing arena in 2019: voice technology, video marketing and social media. Allison Abraham Simpkins, SVP of North America for Valtech, also joins in as a guest during the discussion.




How to Nurture Customer Loyalty with Personalized Post-Purchase Emails

How to Nurture Customer Loyalty with Personalized Post-Purchase Emails – eMarketer

A completed purchase does not signal the end of a customer journey. Nurturing customer loyalty even after the purchase is done will make them feel appreciated and build your brand reputation. In this webinar, Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst at Oracle Bronto, shares how you can increase customer retention with post-purchase messaging.

Site Migration Best Practices – BrightEdge

A site migration is a somewhat risky adventure for a business, especially with respect to SEO. But it can be extremely profitable if it’s executed right. In this webinar, leaders from BrightEdge share their site migration best practices.

The webinar covers topics such as:

  • Domain migration best practices
  • How to ensure a safe migration
  • Analyzing and tracking the migration
  • Measuring success and determining the RoI post migration


Free Workbooks/Templates


How to Build a Content Dashboard that Proves Your ROI (Free Template Provided)

How to Build a Content Dashboard that Proves Your ROI (Free Template Provided)  – Convince & Convert

Content marketing is a long and laborious process but one that is extremely crucial for any digital marketing strategy. A content dashboard will help your business measure the effectiveness of your content marketing activities and prove the need to keep investing in it. A free content marketing dashboard is also included so you can get started right away.

Professional Invoice Design: 14 Samples & Templates to Inspire You – Hubspot

Every business that sells a product or a service needs to generate an invoice that’s presented to the customer. The design of the invoice tells a lot about the identity of your brand and showcases your professionalism. If you want to create an impressive invoice, Hubspost has a bunch of free samples and templates you can customize for your own business.

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