Digital Marketing Roundup – September 2018

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Sep 28
Digital Marketing Roundup – September 2018

Welcome to this month’s digital marketing roundup!

In this article, we’re highlighting a compilation of resources on SEO & PPC strategy, voice search, Facebook custom audience guide, Pinterest strategy, high quality link building and social media strategy workbook.


Blog Articles

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Emojis in Your SEO & PPC Strategy – CognitiveSEO

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Emojis in Your SEO & PPC Strategy

We all use emojis in our daily life while messaging or chatting with our dear and near ones. Have you thought about using these emojis as your SEO and PPC Strategy? This article by Andreea Sauciuc will help you learn why you should use emojis in your SEO and PPC strategy.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on How to Generate Leads – Search Engine Guide

Finding new customers for your business is essential for its success. To keep up with the tech and trend fluctuations and evolving audience, businesses have to improve their brand name and websites. To help you attract more clients, Robert Clough has put together a quick cheat sheet of necessary lead-generating tactics to rein in an audience and convert them into loyal customers.



72 Stats to Help You Plan Your SEO Strategy [Infographic] – Marketingprofs

72 Stats to Help You Plan Your SEO Strategy [Infographic]

The most important task every digital marketer faces now is to keep up with the changing trends in SEO. The infographic created by SEO Tribunal has put down 72 relevant facts about SEO in a single graphic. Check out this infographic to find out everything you need to know about SEO.

Tips to Optimize Your Results for Voice Search [Infographic] – Marketingprofs

Voice search is the new trend in search. Most people will be using voice search by 2020, and 30% will stop using screens based on the analysis conducted by Grazitti Interactive, a marketing technology consultant. This infographic illustrates how voice search will affect SEO and SERPs and the factors that will cause an impact.



How to Use Facebook Custom Audiences: A Step-by-Step Guide – Hootsuite

How to Use Facebook Custom Audiences: A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook is a platform that is used by people worldwide and it offers a huge potential audience for advertisers. Facebook Custom Audiences offers some of the best targeting available in Facebook. This guide by Christina Newberry will take you through the steps that you must follow to gain new potential fans, followers, and customers who share key characteristics with your existing customers and fans.

Just How Much is Your Website REALLY Worth? A Simple Valuation Guide – Ahrefs

Every website on the internet has a value; sometimes the value is not imaginable. Knowing the worth of your website is as important as SEO. This guide by Greg Elfrink from Empire Flippers helps you calculate how much your website is worth. Also, it reveals how online businesses are valued and how you can increase the value of your site.



Pinterest Strategy: How to Get More Traffic From Pinterest – Social Media Examiner

Pinterest Strategy: How to Get More Traffic From Pinterest

Are you using Social Media channels to attract more visitors to your website? Pinterest can help you a great deal to gain more traffic to your website. This podcast with Jennifer Priest explains how to improve visibility of your Pinterest pins with hashtags.

The highlight of the podcast is:

  • Why you should use Pinterest
  • How Pinterest hashtags help drive search traffic
  • How you can stand out with fresh pins
  • How to manage Pinterest boards
  • Lifetime of a Pin
What is Drip Marketing – The Marketing Podcast

Drip marketing – the use of this term seems to be coming up more and more lately. The podcast with Liz Hersh explains more about it.

The highlights of the topic covered here are:

  • Drip Marketing Content
  • Drip Marketing in Google Trends
  • Meanings of Various Marketing Terms



How to Build High-Quality Links at Scale via Guest Blogging [Webinar] – Search Engine Journal

How to Build High-Quality Links at Scale via Guest Blogging [Webinar]

Creating high quality content that attracts quality links has become the classic link building tactic in SEO. Guest blogging is one strategy that has stood the test of time. In the webinar held on September 12th, Tim Soulo, Chief Marketing Officer at Ahrefs, shares his in-house content marketing team’s strategy and tactics for guest blogging and successful link building.

Key Highlights:

  • Common Guest Blogging Challenges and How to Solve Them
  • How to Never Run Out of Blogs to Guest Post
  • How to Create More Quality Guest Articles in Less Time
  • How to Vastly Improve Your Guest Blogging Results
You Got The Click! Now What? – MarTechToday

This webinar was conducted by Digital Marketing Depot on September 18th and featured digital ad experts from Instapage and Marin Software. It deals with the follow up process that must be in place after a conversion.

Topics discussed include:

  • Where digital advertising is going next
  • New opportunities in search, paid social and Amazon
  • How conversions can be optimized for post-click activities


Free Workbooks/Templates

Social Media Strategy Workbook – Solopreneur Diaries

Social Media Strategy Workbook

If you struggle with how to effectively promote your small business on social media, here is a helpful social media strategy workbook that will guide you to create your own strategy and execute your plan for social media promotions.

The 9 Free Email Marketing Templates You Need to Execute Everything – CoSchedule

Sending an email to your target audience requires proper planning. These 9 email marketing templates will guide you every step of the process, like planning, executing and measuring the analytics of your emails.

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