5 Podcasts You Must Listen to Improve your Sales Funnel Strategy

By Sunu Philip | Sales Funnel

Sep 17
5 Podcasts You Must Listen to Improve your Sales Funnel Strategy

As a digital marketer, you need a thick skin and a perfected sales funnel strategy to close more deals. The right sales funnel strategy can help cut down the time you spend with routine pre-sales activities pushing your customers closer to the purchase stage.

Building a sales funnel strategy is not an easy task. In fact, you need the acumen of a sales veteran to close more deals. That calls for constant learning.

In the 21st century, learning comes in several forms. Podcasting is one of the most popular forms thanks to ease of access and convenience in consumption. You can tune into a sales funnel strategy podcast easily like playing a music track on your phone. An average podcast is 10-30 minutes long making it easy to gain knowledge in tiny snackable sizes. Also, you can listen to several podcasts in a single day even when you are on the road to visit a prospect.

The challenge? Finding the best podcast or playlist of podcasts that will help you gain the most knowledge.

With a dizzying number of podcasts out there, it can be quite confusing to spot the diamonds from the rough.

Well, leave that to me. Here is a handy list of the best podcasts that will help you improve your sales funnel strategy.

Being the compulsive podcasts listener myself, I find these podcasts to be thought-provoking, immensely insightful and most often a treasure trove of solutions for the pressing questions that most marketers have.

Without much ado, let’s start exploring the top five of such podcasts.

1. Clickfunnels #FunnelHacker Radio

Clickfunnels #FunnelHacker Radio

Hosted by Dave Woodward – Chief Business Development Officer of Click Funnels, the #FunnelHacker goes live on a weekly basis. It interviews popular business owners, their unique selling tactics and other selling nuggets for sales executives. You can find endless streams of podcasts that guide how to hack the funnel building process, how to quicken your funnel building process, how to spot your strengths in funnel building and related podcasts.

The best from Clickfunnels include:

2. Small Business Success Podcast

Infusionsoft is a tool that helps diverse business owners improve their business by simplifying the sales funnel process. As an expert in the field themselves, their podcasts brim with wisdom on how small business can taste success, how to better use social media for business growth, lead generation, how to unclog your sales funnel and so on.

Their must-listen podcasts include:

3. Sales Funnel Mastery

Sales Funnel Mastery

Jeremy Reeves is an industry-recognized sales funnel specialist. His podcasts get right into the heart of what works and what doesn’t work while automating a sales funnel. In his podcasts, Jeremy shares his knowledge about growth hacking, leveraging automation so that you have more time selling, stabilizing your business for cash flow and much more.

I found these podcasts really share-worthy:

4. Sales Influence – Why People Buy!

Sales Influence - Why People Buy!

A sales funnel ultimately leads to the point where your customers pay and buy your services. Every customer has a ‘Why’ that makes them buy your product/service. Finding that WHY is like unlocking the holy grail to more sales. Victor Antonio unravels such secrets and also several other topics that will help a sales professional blaze their way to the end of the sales funnel.

Don’t forget to tune into these insightful podcasts:

5. The Active Campaign Podcast

The Active Campaign Podcast

The Active Campaign podcast is hosted by Darren Hesselink – a digital marketing expert. His podcasts discuss at length about the various strategies that help increase leads and also build stronger sales funnels. The unique thing about his podcasts is that they are based out of real-life experiences that Darren has obtained from his own business growing efforts.

This podcast on growing stronger sales funnel is a classic one:

Other top ones on sales include:

It’s a wrap!

A podcast is like a quick rep of your favorite exercise amidst a busy day. They make you stronger without taking much time off your jam-packed calendar. And, listening to podcasts is fun too, especially ones on sales funnels which is a must for any sales executive who wants to close more deals. Since they are hosted by real people with a natural voice accent which can help your brain grasp information quickly and easily.

Tuning into the right podcasts can accelerate your selling prowess and turn you into a deal closing machine. These podcasts serve just the content for that. They will help you build better sales funnels and overcome the challenges that could be stopping you from progressing beyond a stage in a promising sales funnel.

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