10 Proven Ways to Get Your Resort Found Online

By Sunu Philip | Online Travel Marketing

Mar 31
10 Proven Ways to Get Your Resort Found Online

A resort is a fantastic holiday destination for travelers on vacation! It offers vacationers a private place to stay, food at their beck and call, loads of indoor and outdoor leisure activities and pretty much everything they need is taken care of.

Some resorts even offer honeymoon and holiday packages, sightseeing tours and spa facilities. It’s no wonder people flock to resorts in popular tourist destinations.

If you run a resort, it’s essential that people know your resort exists. The best way to do that in this day and age is by having a visible online presence. Let’s look at 10 proven ways you can get your resort found online.

1. Google Places Listing

Google Places

People rely on Google a lot when they make travel plans. The #1 thing you need to do is list your resort on Google Places. It is completely free to get your resort listed on Google places, complete with the exact location, website, and contact details. You can also upload photos and videos of the resort, to make it appear more attractive.

When people search for resorts in your generic locality, your resort will pop up in the search results, so they can check it out for themselves. People can also leave reviews right there, so make sure monitor them so they make a positive influence on potential clients.

2. Facebook Page

Facebook Page

With the majority of the urban population active on Facebook, it’s imperative that your resort has its own Facebook page. Make sure the page is updated with a relevant description, exact location, link to your website and updated contact details.

Consistently post interesting articles, photos, quotes and videos to keep your Facebook fans engaged. You can also permit Facebook check-ins on your page. This ensures that when someone checks into your resort, their friends get to know about it as well. That’s the power of social media!

3. Professional Website

A website is your resort’s online home, and it needs to look attractive and professional so visitors enticed to get in touch and make a reservation. Here are a few elements that your resort’s website absolutely must contain.

Striking Images

Striking Images

Pepper your home page and key web pages with outstanding images of your resort. You can showcase the facilities you offer and feature photographs of couples/families enjoying themselves at your resort.

Remarkable Reviews

Resort Reviews

Highlight a few excellent reviews you’ve received on your homepage, and dedicate a separate page for additional reviews and testimonials. You can include video testimonials as well, and photographs of the people who’ve left the review (if you have their permission).

Helpful Blog Articles

Resort Blog

travel blog goes a long way in getting your website found online. The content you share needs to be interesting, so it captivates the reader’s attention and gets them interested in your resort.

4. Trust Factors

Resort Accreditation

People who haven’t visited your resort before need to be convinced they can trust your business. They would like to be assured that they get their money’s worth when they visit your resort.

You can establish trust with your audience by displaying accreditations and certifications your resort may have received. Be sure to also display logos of other travel associations you may be acquainted with, like Trip Advisor.

5. Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

Videos are now playing a major role in online marketing. You can have a professional videos created for your resort that can be used for marketing purposes.

Some ideas of videos you can shoot are:

  • A walkthrough of your resort
  • Real videos of people utilizing resort facilities
  • A composition of photographs taken at your resort
  • Client testimonials

You can post these videos on different online channels such as, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

6. FourSquare Pages


FourSquare is a location based social network that is used by millions of people worldwide. Once your resort is registered on FourSquare, customers can check into your resort using the app and thereby share the word about it to people in their circle of influence.

7. Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor Business Listing

Trip Advisor is one travel website that has a phenomenal worldwide following. Getting your resort listed on Trip Advisor is a small action that will make a huge impact in the long run.

Encourage get happy customers to leave their reviews on Trip Advisor. If you happen to get any negative reviews, make sure you respond promptly and sort out the matter. Potential clients need to know that you care about your customers and that you treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy.

8. Review Sites

Review Websites

There are tons of other online travel review websites where you can make your resort’s presence felt. Here are some options:

Getting your resort listed on different online travel sites ensures more people are likely to find out about it. But you do need to monitor your listings periodically, keep it updated and respond to queries in a timely manner.

9. Reviews from Authority Travel Bloggers

Blog Review

There is an astounding presence of travel blogs in the World Wide Web. Many of these travel bloggers would be open to visiting your resort and detailing their experience on their blogs.

You can reach out to a handful of travel bloggers and offer them a 2 day, all expense paid stay at your resort in exchange for a review on their blogs. This would get word of your resort out to a larger audience and likely bring in more enquiries.

10. Paid Advertising

Facebook Ad

Online ads are very effective in getting the attention of people who might be interested in visiting your resort. If you have a budget for it, you can surely utilize paid advertising on any of the following mediums.

Facebook Ads — You can take out a budget-friendly Facebook ad and get your resort to appear on the timeline of Facebook users who meet your audience demographic.

Google Ads — Google ads tend to get a good click through rate. You can optimize your budget by targeting certain keywords related to your resort.

Sponsored Posts — Many travel blogs and websites allow you to publish sponsored articles on their website with links that lead back to your website. You can pay for such articles and link relevant keywords within the content to your resort’s website.

Advertising on Big Online Media Sites — You can also opt for paid advertising on other big sites that are not travel related. Buy ad space on highly trafficked websites that your target audience are likely to frequent, and you’ll be sure to get good visibility.

You can get your resort found online through any of the methods suggested above. We suggest you start with a couple and then work your way forward from there. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll start reaping the fruit of your efforts and customers will start finding you online.

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