How to Select the Right Social Media Platform for Boosting your Business – Infographic

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Aug 29

Imagine you have just launched a brand new portable phone charger that charges phone in 30 seconds! How will you tell this to maximum people in the world? Do you know that all your potential customers are available online, either on Facebook or Twitter, accessing content of their interest, on their smart phones?

Whatever business you have, social media can act as the bridging element to connect with your users. Isn’t it evident that by making your social media presence strong, you can drive more sales for your company? In fact, 62.9% sales professionals agree social selling is important for closing new deals. Corporate giant IBM recorded 400% increase in sales with its social selling initiative.

Surely, Social Media has immensely transformed the way businesses are done. Different social media platforms serve different purpose.

Facebook:  Facebook profile essentially connects friends and family, and hence has a personal feel. This will help your users and followers to know you more as a person and hence better connected.

LinkedIn: Professionals connect on LinkedIn. It is ideal to promote your service and to connect with veterans in the industry.

Twitter: Twitter is for quick conversation. If you have any updates, big news or need continuous conversation with your followers, Twitter works magic. You have to log in multiple times a day for quick responses and continuous posting.

YouTube: YouTube is the social network where people comment, discuss and share. Along with frequent video uploads, engage with people to magnetise users to your business.

Instagram: Instagram is the ideal platform to share awesome pictures, short videos and memes. This is a must have for brand building, especially if you are working in domains like food, travel, beauty, fashion or design.

Pinterest: Promoting specific products can be easy with Pinterest with the use of beautiful images. Right promotions for your followers can drive your company sales manifold.

The attributes of these different social media can help you achieve specific business goals. Getting started with one and maintaining it requires a lot of effort.

Have a look at the infographic given below to pick the best social media platform to boost your sales.

perfect social platform

Infographic via Salesforce

So, how should you choose the right social media platform for your business?

It is easy to select the right social medial platform if you follow these 4 magic rules:

1. Determine your goals

Have a fair idea of what you want to achieve with your social media strategy. For example, is it to get more traffic to your website or to provide extended customer support or a strong brand building? Select the ones that can help move forward with your goals.

2. Plan your level of commitment

Now, are you ready to put in the time and effort to build your social presence? Choosing a Twitter profile demands you to update it 2-3 times a day. On the other hand, Facebook followers can be kept engaged with 2 posts per week. Work out on the time you can devote for social media before you enrol your strategies.

3. Go where your audiences are

The rate of conversion will be higher if you talk to people who are interested in your domain. For example, if you are launching new women wear, it is likely that you can reach maximum women audience through Pinterest. If your business is about power saving tools for big factories, you should focus on your LinkedIn updates.

4. Pick one or two social media and focus your efforts there

Once you have identified your requirement, commitment, and saturation of ideal audiences, you can pick one or two social media profile that meets your comfort. Keep working on them to drive more sales for your business.

Online presence is the sure shot way for any business to build a bigger customer base. With increasing user base for social media, it is indeed the easiest way to be connected directly with your new and existing customers. Getting direct responses from users is the right ingredient for boosting your business. Now, what is your excuse for not starting your social media campaign?


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