Digital Marketing Roundup – April 2019

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Apr 26
Digital marketing roundup April 2019

Welcome to this month’s digital marketing roundup!

In this post, we are presenting you with our usual dose of articles, blogs, webinars and podcasts. This would be of immense help to social media marketers, content planners and SEO analysts. You will learn about social media marketing trends, more about no-follow tags, the future of SEO and more.


Blog Articles


Topical SEO: 7 Advanced Concepts of Link Relevance & Google Rankings – Moz

Advanced Concepts of Link Relevance & Google Rankings

Every marketer knows that having links to websites are so important in generating customer loyalty. They actually act as votes and Google looks at these votes to decide how to rank the websites. This method is described in the original PageRank patent, and is also now the only method to determine the quality and relevance of a website. They will also check the relevance and authority of the links, apart from other things. In this blog post on topical SEO, we discuss 7 advanced concepts of link relevance and Google rankings. Check it out.

Nofollow vs. Follow Links: Everything You Need to Know – Ahrefs

Everyone who does SEO will know what the ”nofollow” tag is. It’s been around for too long. But do you actually know where and when to use the tags? This guide will give you valuable inputs on how to use the tags to make optimal performance out of it. Google does not crawl no follow links, but it is important to know how to use them correctly. In this article, Nofollow vs. Follow Links: Everything You Need to Know, you will learn a great deal about the tag and how to make the best use out of it.




7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2019 You Need to Prepare For [Infographic] – Business 2 Community

7 Social Media Marketing Trends

People use social media networks, not just to chat with their friends and family, but also to know about the brands they use. Realising this trend, companies have begun to make innovations in tweets, hashtags and status updates, and are competing with each other to outpace each other. If you are looking for the best ways to beat competition, and come out at the top in social media marketing trends, check out this infographic.

Infographic: 15 Mistakes That Could Tank Your Social Media Strategy – Contently

Are you a social media marketer? Do you think all your strategies are foolproof? Ever experienced a strategy fall flat on its face? Surprisingly, there are a number of ways wherein your social media strategy can be changed to suit your goals. But there are also a number of ways to make mistakes. Don’t you want to know what those are? Through the Infographic, 15 Mistakes That Could Tank Your Social Media Strategy, you’ll discover where you could go wrong when you design a social media strategy.




How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work? A Guide to Getting More Views – Hootsuite

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work

Looking to increase your YouTube video views? Step one: find out what’s new with the YouTube algorithm. You have YouTube videos, but you don’t have a huge number of visiting or watching them. YouTube algorithms play and important role in guiding the visitor’s behaviour. So when you post videos there, make sure the keywords, the call to action words are all put in correctly. In this guide here, you will be taken through a history of YouTube algorithms and how it has evolved to what it is today. Reading through this will definitely help you create videos that more people will see.

How to Elevate Your Brand & Content with a House Style Guide – Wordstream

You know that there are basic rules in content and there are set standards in grammar, tone and formatting. When you do these things correctly you get good content formatting that people enjoy, read and share. Are you tired of sticking to the old style? Would you like to try your own style guide? However, there is something you should know about that. Here, Wordstream talks more about why you need a style guide to improve your content marketing.




What is the future of SEO and mobile optimization? – Searchmetrics

What is the future of SEO and mobile optimization

The face of SEO keeps changing constantly. Condy Krum, author and CEO of MobileMoxie talks about the future of SEO and how it will look dramatically different from today, here in this podcast on “What is the future of SEO and mobile optimization?” You will gain insights about Google Home and how they can be tweaked to your true search intentions and location, the evolution of voice-only experience for users interacting with websites, how knowledge graph and voice are influencing placement and so on.

Optimizing SEO with Schema Markup – Legal Talk Network

Do you know what schema markup is and what benefit it is to the lawyers? In this podcast, Lunch Hour Legal Marketing, hosts Gyi Tsakalakis and Kelly Street talk to Martha van Berkel about schema markup, also known as structured data. Martha explains about how data language aids search engines understand what people really need. The talk also explores how lawyers can apply schema markup in their SEO and how it helps them make better business decisions.




How to Take Your Website Beyond Fast [Webinar] – SEJ

How to Take Your Website Beyond Fast

In the webinar on How to Take Your Website Beyond Fast, you will learn:

  • Different tactics on how to quickly load your website
  • The tricks on how to optimise site speed by prioritizing all the different pieces
  • Know more about getting better rankings and conversions through improved web performance.

How to Succeed with SEO in 2019 [Webinar] – Campaign Creators

The only thing constant about SEO trends is that it is continuously changing. So you always have to be on your toes, and keep up with the changes. But not to worry, half the job is done. You can check this webinar where you can understand more about Google, its featured snippets, voice search, the importance of SEO fundamentals and so on.


Free Workbooks/Templates


How to Create an Editorial Calendar [Examples + Templates] – Hubspot

How to Create an Editorial Calendar

If you are working on several browser tabs, and then some hard copies like Post It notes for guidance and assistance, then you need the help of an editorial calendar. Otherwise, for a busy blogger, it would just be chaos. If you are managing a busy blog, and have a number of deadlines to meet, then having an editorial calendar would ease things out. It would also help you when you work with a team, and you have to schedule content every week.

22 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2019 – Hubspot

The SEO myths guide helps answer questions like:

  • What’s the importance of having a secure HTTPS website?
  • How do meta descriptions influence HTTPS website?
  • Google and local search: What’s the scenario now
  • Do pop-ups affect search ranking?

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