Digital Marketing Roundup – May 2019

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

May 28

Welcome to this month’s digital marketing roundup!

In this post, we have put together some of the best articles of the month in the field of SEO.  You will learn about visual content marketing, posting tips for Instagram marketing, a horde of worthy podcasts and webinars. This would be greatly helpful for SEO specialists and web developers; check it out.


Blog Articles


Understanding Anchor Text: How to Earn Big SEO Wins – Bluleadz

Understanding Anchor Text

What is that blue underlined text that you always see in the webpages? That is the anchor text that prompts people to click on it, so they get more curious and more approachable. Anchor text becomes powerful when it has everything to do with SEO, and when you do it the right way, you can rope in more people to your website and convert them. If you are still groping in the dark figuring out how to create great anchor text, check out this inspiring article, Understanding Anchor Text: How to earn big SEO Wins at Blueleadz.

Why Is Instagram the Best Platform for Engagement and How You Can Use It? – Relevance

Instagram is presently one of the most powerful social media platforms around, after Facebook, of course. If you are still tinkering with FB, it is time you tried a few tricks with Instagram too because it gives you greater exposure with your target segment. Instagram has been around from 2010, and it grew and grew until it began to provide a plethora of opportunities for marketers. You can read more about Instagram in this article from Relevance.




Must-Know Visual Content Marketing Statistics for 2019 [Infographic] – Business2Community

Must-Know Visual Content Marketing Statistics for 2019

Looking to create stunning visual content that instantly hooks customers? Want people to become instantly engaged and your loyal customers? Well, you are not probably alone in the world for having that wish. And that’s also why Venngage conducted this brilliant poll spanning over 500 online marketers asking them the importance of visual content in their marketing strategies, and what they have in store for this year. You can read about it here.

Why You Need to Boost Your Website’s Page-Load Speed [Infographic] – MarketingProfs

Door to door marketing is practically out the door because both marketers and customers rely on the world of web to market and make their purchase. So imagine having a website that loads at substandard speeds? That’s even worse than having the door close on your face. Check out this infographic posted at MarketingProfs to know why it is so very important to have websites that load faster.




How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Page (Ultimate Guide) – WPBeginner

How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work

Do you want to create a custom WordPress login page for your website? If you run a WordPress membership site or an online store, then many of your users will often see the login page. Customizing the default WordPress login page allows you to offer a better user experience. In this ultimate guide, you will find different ways to create a custom WordPress login page. You can also use this tutorial for creating a custom WooCommerce login page as well.

A Technical SEO Guide to Identifying & Removing Crawler Traps – Search Engine Journal

Crawler traps are the biggest scare in the developing and marketing world. Would you like to know how to avoid crawler traps? With examples? By looking at the causes and learning the solutions through HTML and Python code snippets? Refer to this technical guide to know how you can write a simple crawler that can avoid crawler traps. You can not only avoid crawler traps, but you can even prevent them from happening.




How to Approach Content Creation for SEO [PODCAST] – Search Engine Journal

How to Approach Content Creation for SEO

In this episode of Search Engine Nerds, watch the interview of Viola Eva, Founder and SEO Strategist at Flow SEO. She gives useful insights on how to approach content creation from an SEO point of view. You can learn about the content that Google favors and understand a three-step framework to develop a sustainable content strategy.

Everything You Need to Know About Podcasting – Duct Tape Marketing

In this podcast, you can gain a lot of knowledge on how to record your own podcast. Here are some of the things, you will learn:

  • The importance of choosing a niche in a successful podcast.
  • The best tools in the market for podcast production and post-production.
  • Why you need to set goals, and how you can fulfill them.




Elevating SEO Webinar Series: Connecting Content and SEO to increase results – BrightEdge

Connecting Content and SEO to increase results

Here is an interesting, 4-part webinar series that talks about improving your SEO to higher levels. They cover a huge plethora of topics, including talking to executes about actionable SEO techniques, the tactics of building an SEO roadmap, how to sell your SEO/digital marketing projects to web developers, and how AI can bring noticeable differences to SEO and content marketing.

SEO Keyword Research to Massively Increase Traffic & Grow Your Business – SEMrush

This is an interesting webinar for those interested in trying new techniques in increasing traffic:

  • Learn the behavior of an ideal customer and the kind of websites they visit.
  • All about keyword research so you can motivate people subscribe to the email list by using the right words.
  • Learning to use automated email techniques to convert subscribers into customers using automated emails.


Free Workbooks/Templates


The 7 Key Items Every Brand Pitch Should Include (+ Free Template) – Hootsuite

Key Items Every Brand Pitch Should Include

Are you looking to create a new brand pitch to build your brand? You have to be extremely careful in creating the pitch because shoddily created ones can fall on their face at the single instance of a folly. Don’t walk down the same path. Check this workbook for a brand pitch that will represent a great brand.

This Networking Email Has a 96% Success Rate [Template] – Hubspot

People are always wary when they receive “can you do me a favor” mails from people, even friends. And when it comes to business professionals, this gets a tad too serious because they don’t like to be bothered with “favor” emails. It could be distracting and irritating to the receiver. When you network, it is always wise to ask for advice, not favor. People actually do respond to it. People actually respond to outreach mails when they are written in that manner.

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