Digital Marketing Roundup – August 2018

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Aug 30
Digital Marketing Roundup – August 2018

Welcome to this month’s digital marketing roundup!

In this article, we’re highlighting a compilation of resources on link-building, influencer marketing, the Google algorithm update, digital marketing budget planning and content marketing plans.


Blog Articles


Link-Building Tools You May Not Know About  – Search Engine Land

Link-Building Tools You May Not Know About

As digital marketers, we are all familiar with the term link building. And if you are diligently building links, you must already be aware of many of the main link-building tools. Sometimes, we all use free SEO tools for link building purposes. In this article, Julie Joyce shares some of the multipurpose search engine optimization (SEO) tools that can aid you in your link-building efforts.

How to Get Around Google’s Latest Algorithm Change – Kissmetrics

We are all aware that Google is constantly making algorithm changes and the surprising part is when they do, they rarely tell us the change they’ve made. If you want to tackle the latest Google algorithm change, read through the article by Neil Patel and find out how he got around this algorithm update.




64 Statistics That Will Guide Your Content Marketing [Infographic] – Marketing Profs

64 Statistics That Will Guide Your Content Marketing [Infographic]

Do you want to gather leads for your business? Then, you might consider creating webinars, whitepapers, reports, and e-books, which is the sort of content B2B buyers are well prepared to exchange their contact data for.

If your goal is to build relationships with leads, use this infographic by iScribblers that contains dozens of content marketing stats to help you decide where to focus your efforts with respect to social content.

The Current State of Influencer Marketing [Infographic] – Business2Community

With the exponential rise of social media usage, the number of influencers and their reach has gone up significantly. More and more brands are reaching out to top influencers in order to market their products and services and reach a wider audience.

This infographic by Meltwater looks at the current state of influencer marketing, the increase in marketing posts by influencers, how digital marketers are utilizing influencer marketing and how these campaigns are being measured.




The Guide to Finding Keywords You Ranked or Lost after a Google Algorithm Update – SEMRush

The Guide to Finding Keywords You Ranked or Lost after a Google Algorithm Update

A Google Algorithm update will always create a panic attack when you get to know that your traffic has dropped. As you check your Google Analytics and keyword tracking tool, you frown. Everything looks good in your rank tracking tool but you are not sure which keywords on various pages dropped.

This guide by Brett Elliott from SEMrush will guide you on how to use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush to discover keywords that you lost after the latest update. Also, you can find out which keywords are driving more traffic.

A Comprehensive Guide On Social Media Marketing For SaaS Products  – Jeff Bullas

Advertising SaaS products is not exactly easy on different mediums, and chances are, you won’t be able to do it properly on a lot of them. This comprehensive guide by Eugene Kalnyk, a marketing specialist at Setapp, will help you learn how you can make an outstanding social media marketing campaign for your SaaS product.




The Facebook Ad Algorithm: What Marketers Need to Know  – Social Media Examiner

The Facebook Ad Algorithm What Marketers Need to Know

The podcast with Ralph Burns explains how your Facebook bidding and campaign objective settings can help or hurt your ads budget.

The highlights of the topic covered here are:

  • Why does Facebook have an ad algorithm?
  • How the Facebook Ad algorithm works
  • How to optimize your Facebook Ads

Fix These 7 About Page Mistakes for More Traffic and (Possibly) Better SEO – Copy Blogger FM

The About pages on a website play an important role in SEO and website traffic. In this podcast, Sonia Simone talks about 7 common mistakes she found on About pages, and how to spruce them up again.

The highlights of this 16 minute episode are:

  • Why the recent Google update made a lot of people scrambling to improve their About pages
  • When you should get creative with your About page (and when not to)
  • What are the elements that have to be there on your About page
  • How good content on your About page can greatly improve your links and shares
  • How to focus the focus of your About page from yourself to your audience




Planning your 2019 Digital Marketing Budget – Milestone

Planning Your 2019 Digital Marketing Budget

It’s almost the end of 2018 and it’s time to start thinking about your 2019 budget. The webinar conducted on August 21 discusses the trends that will impact your business in 2019, and the technologies and strategies that will be crucial for success in digital marketing during the coming year.

Key takeaways:

  • Trends and strategies you must consider in 2019
  • Keys to preparing your 2019 digital marketing budget
  • Measuring your digital marketing performance as you prepare
  • The role of competitive insights in preparing your budget

Digital Marketing for Business and Career Growth – Digital Vidya

This webinar that is going to happen on September 1st 2018 will discuss how digital marketing can be utilized for business and career growth.


Free Workbooks/Templates


Content Marketing Plan Template – Jackson Marketing Services

Content Marketing Plan Template

An effective plan will always support your overall business goals and complement your offline strategies. The best way to ensure your business goals are met is by documenting and measuring it.

This content marketing plan template by Jackson Marketing, Inc., will help you start documenting your content strategy.

The following tabs are included in the workbook to help you plan your content marketing strategy and yearly plan.

  • Persona Creation
  • Competitor Review
  • Online Channel Plan Overview
  • Yearly Plan
  • Editorial Calendar

How to Do a Brand Audit [free workbook] – Blue Shadow Marketing

Conducting a brand audit will provide you with insights on how your brand influence performs in the marketplace. A detailed brand audit will often reveal new growth opportunities and new ways to make your brand resonate with existing and a new generation of target customers who represent your brand’s long-term future.

This workbook from Blue Shadow Marketing provides you 3 techniques to gain brand insights from different mediums.

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