Digital Marketing Roundup – February 2019

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Feb 27
Digital Marketing Roundup Feb

Welcome to this month’s digital marketing roundup!

In this post, we will be presenting a wealth of information. This would be exclusive for digital marketing enthusiasts and SEO professionals -to help you with content marketing, creating LinkedIn based Objective Ads, how SEO can aid in Rank Transition, how to resize images before posting them in the social media, how hashtags can help your Instagram posts, useful podcasts and webinars.


Blog Articles


How to Create LinkedIn Objective-Based Ads – Social Media Examiner

How to create LinkedIn Objective based Ads

LinkedIn ad campaigns can successfully engage your target audience and bring in more ROI. But are you confused as to how that can be done in a unique and interesting way? Would you like to learn how to create objective based ads with LinkedIn? Refer this article to learn how objective based LinkedIn advertising can optimize your ad campaigns.

What Is Rank Transition & What Does It Mean for SEO? – Search Engine Journal

It is the worst nightmare of an SEO professional to see poor ranking websites. When rankings aren’t consistent in the pages you edited, they fall far below expectations too. You make the changes to correct it, but there is always something that makes it worse. What will you do in such a situation and how can you make it better? Check this article to know more.




Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2019 (Infographic) – Digital Marketing Philippines 

Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2019

Content marketing is, was and will be the hottest thing in digital marketing. However, it needs to be constantly fine-tuned because you cannot come out with stale strategies and expect it to perform, especially in the B2B marketing context. You need a new outlook, new strategy and new trends to keep one step ahead of competition in 2019. Check this article and bookmark it.

What Is The Best Content Length For SEO? (Infographic) – Gadget Advisor

Good content can create a world of difference and the length of the content also matters a great deal. Focusing on quality of the content will bring brand visibility, but the quantity can also boost site ranking and traffic. So, what’s the best content length for your blog?




Image Size Guide To Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More Social Sites – SEOPressor

Image Size Guide To Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More Social Sites

Visual elements play a major role in attracting user attention. If you are looking to catch a lot of eyeballs in all the social media channels, you have to put in good images. But how do you edit them properly? What is the correct ratio and size that people will be interested in and engage a good visual element to your content? Here is a good guide on how to resize images and post them in strategic positions.

The 2019 Instagram Hashtag Guide—How to Use Them and Get Results – Hootsuite

Hashtags – the combination of letters, numbers and emojis proceeded by the # symbol can categorize content and render it more discoverable. The race is always on as you are always searching for more users, more followers and more likes. It is 2019, and how do you that in a unique way? The Instagram Hashtag Guide will help you create great hashtags and generate results from them all.




The Top 10 Best SEO Podcasts [updated for 2019] – SEO for Growth

The Top 10 Best SEO Podcasts

An SEO podcast helps you to know all you wanted to know about SEO, PPC, digital marketing and social media marketing. Packed with tips and tricks from industry experts, you can now successfully meet the challenge. The tips are appraised by the SEO community and updated regularly, so it would be useful to bookmark and save this article.

7 Simple Ways to Promote Your Blog – Marketing School

Looking for ways to improve your blog? Becoming a reliable source for your customers is something you gain with hard work. Just sharing your posts on the social media is not effective anymore. Here are some easy tips that would help you promote your brand with great success.




The New 5Ps of Marketing – Digital Marketing Depot

The new 5ps of marketing

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • The most useful methods for activating individual customer data
  • First party data for compliance and marketing performance
  • How data is used by big enterprises and how they use it in real time
  • Learn more about 5Ps of Marketing – Product, Place, People, Price and Promotion?

Video: 2019 Digital Marketing Trends Webinar – Milestone

Webinars contain the most important trends in the field of digital marketing.

The topics covered in the webinar are:

  • Recognizing consumer behavior and aligning digital strategies according to it
  • Messaging successfully through omnichannels
  • The role Google plays in the digital world
  • Need for entity search optimization


Free Workbooks/Templates


Lead Generation Strategies Proven to Boost Your Reach + FREE ebook– Optin Monster

Lead Generation Strategies Proven to Boost Your Reach

OptinMonster helps you capture emails and build your subscriber base. But do you know how to use the lead generation process the right way? Would you like to get maximum subscribers with the right effort? This comprehensive lead generation guide is the right place to tap.

20 New and Free Infographic Kits & Templates – eCommerce Platforms

It would be a good idea to save some worthy infographic tips and elements. They are still used widely in content marketing. Check out this list of kits and templates, and choose your personal favorite.

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