Digital Marketing Roundup – July 2019

By Sunu Philip | Online Marketing

Jul 31

Welcome to this month’s round up!

 This month we have had some great articles in all the popular blogs. We have collected a few of them and the ones that caught our eye are presented below. These articles would be greatly helpful for digital marketers, writers, SEOs and webmasters.


Blog Articles


SEO Keywords: How Better Keyword Research Gets You Better Results – Relevance

Better Keyword Research

Almost everybody is aware of the fact that using the right keywords can play a major role in elevating search engine traffic. When you use certain successful keywords, especially the ones most used by viewers, you can be assured of visitors to your blog, and through that to your website. But what are those certain successful keywords? Check this article “SEO Keywords: How Better Keyword Research Gets You Better Results” from Relevance to know more about this. 

10 WordPress Tips Every Webmaster Needs to Know – Quick Sprout

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS tools around, wherein more than 19.5 actively use the platform to publish content. In a month, WordPress is searched on Google more than 37 million times.

On average, 17 new posts get published on WordPress every second. This makes it imperative that you must know how to use WordPress to gain optimum advantage from it. This article would help you with that – 10 WordPress Tips Every Webmaster Needs to Know. 




Infographic Guide: How to Structure Your Digital Marketing Team – Digital Information World

Structure your digital marketing team

The way people do their business has changed considerably. You don’t even need to have a physical shop to do business. As the popularity of online businesses has surged, the competition burns even stronger. You have all the customers there online but how do you channel them to your business? Check out this infographic on how to structure your digital marketing team and get a better global reach. 

The Payoff of the Partnership Between Marketing and Creative [Infographic] – MarketingProfs

There has been a growth in the in-house creative agencies because the quality of work is much better that way. But there is no secret formula to it. There are difficulties and pain points that must be addressed. When you look at the infographic, you will get a better picture of how this can be done. 




Instagram Analytics Guide: 10 of the Best Tools to Get Insights – Search Engine Journal

Instagram Analytics Guide

It is a good thing to use social media analytics tools. They tell you a number of things that would help you improve your marketing style. You can make good use of all the available data with these tools, and understand the metrics hidden beneath them. There are hundreds of tools in the market, but which would be more suitable for your purpose? Instagram has its own analysis tools. You can bookmark this article to learn about the best Instagram analysis tools. 

Google Releases Updated JavaScript SEO Guide For Admins – ValueWalk

Web developers and administrators know that indexing by Google is crucial. And it is even more important to know how the indexing is done so you can make the best of it. Google has made an update on its JavaScript SEO guide to give you a better and fairer view of the basics, and how you can fix challenges. This article on Google’s updated JavaScript SEO guide for admins by ValueWalk would help you keep updated on what’s happening. 




Predicting the ROI of SEO [PODCAST] – Search Engine Journal

Predicting ROI of SEO

Getting to know the ROI of SEO can be a tricky task as the search landscape keeps changing all the time. But when you have enough data in your hand, this can be changed, and you can use the data to an advantage. If you like to gain new insights on how to do this, just follow this podcast on predicting the ROI of SEO.

How Do You Grow a Podcast Audience? – Marketing School

Curious to know how you can generate viewership for your podcasts? In this episode, “How Do You Grow A Podcast Audience”, you can watch Marketing School’s live event on the topic. 




A Winning Digital Ad Strategy – MarketingProfs

Winning digital ad strategy

Posting digital ads can turn the wind in your favor and you can achieve favorable results with your marketing campaign. But it is also important to create eye-catching digital ads. How do you propose to do that? Here is a webinar on a winning digital ad strategy. This would help you boost your digital ad strategy.

How to Improve Your Search Discoverability & Boost Lead Volume – Search Engine Journal

Search marketers really do have a rough road ahead. They have to make their client’s brand discoverable, and turn that discoverability into leads. If you are a search marketer and would like to know how to improve your search discoverability, follow this SEJ ThinkTank webinar presented by Garrett Mehrguth, CEO and co-founder at Directive.


Free Workbooks/Templates


Link Building for Beginners: How to Get Started – Search Engine Journal

Link building for beginners

If you are new to link building, then this workbook for beginners will really hit the spot. All the overwhelmingly complicated processes are easily explained in the eBook, Link Building for Beginners: How to Get Started. It is developed in partnership with FATJOE, Internet Marketing Ninjas, and North Star Inbound.

How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide [+ Free Blog Post Templates]- Hubspot

A really good blog can help you in many ways, but a bad one can sink your boat right away. New tips and new ideas are always coming up when it comes to blogging. It would be a good idea to check out this workbook on “How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide” even if you do have a good working blog. Get ready to blow up your fan following.

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